Parish Lab Upper School
What is Parish Lab and what can students in 9th - 12th grade expect?
  • Parish Lab is a non-graded course that any upper school student can enroll in, designed to support organization, task management, study skills, long term planning, stress management, and overall academic success.
  • Parish Lab is similar to a study hall in that it is a highly structured environment where students are expected to complete assignments, study, meet with teachers, etc.
  • Parish Lab provides support through individual attention and assistance managing and understanding academic tasks from other classes. In addition to receiving help with assignments from other classes, students will be exposed to effective organization tools/strategies and consistently encouraged to use them.
  • The format of Parish Lab allows for students to work independently, access help when needed, and benefit from consultation and coaching with Lab staff.

What is the cost of Parish Lab for Upper School students?
Lab tuition for 9th & 12th grade is $2,100 per year.

How is Parish Lab billed?
Parish Lab tuition will be added to your Smart Tuition account under your current payment schedule. Charges may be prorated by trimester, based on time of enrollment.

Is financial assistance available for Parish Lab?
If you receive tuition assistance from the school and would like to apply for financial assistance with the cost of lab, please contact Juli Baldwin, Director of Financial Assistance, at

When will my student have access to Parish Lab?
Students will be enrolled to attend Lab during one of their off periods. They also have the opportunity to access the Lab during any other off periods and can schedule times before school and after school (hours to be determined).

Is Parish Lab effective for all students?
Although Parish Lab offers individualized attention, success is reliant on student buy-in. Our most successful students are honest about their academic habits and open to coaching and guidance. Additionally, our students benefit significantly when open and collaborative communication exists consistently between home and school.

What are the behavioral expectations for Parish Lab students?
Students enrolled in Parish Lab are expected to follow expectations listed in the student handbook. The Lab environment is designed to be a safe, supportive, and encouraging space for students to build self awareness, increase their confidence, and ultimately feel empowered to succeed. This requires students to enter the space with an open mind, desire to be focused/productive, and an understanding that demonstrating kindness and respect toward peers is expected.

Where can I get additional information about Parish Lab?
If you have any questions please contact Phillip Page at

Parish Episcopal School - Midway Campus
8/22/2023 - 5/30/2024
Grades 9th - 12th
There is no fee collected during this registration, it will be billed via Smart Tuition
This session has openings
Registration will end on 5/30/2024.