Coyote's Path Fall 2023
Are you ready to step on the path of the Coyote? Coyote Mentoring is the approach we use to deepen awareness, inspire curiosity, and create the container for our work as Wilderness Instructors in the Nature Connection movement. This program is for preteens ages 10-12 who are interested in epic adventures, skill-building and team challenges all while exploring what leadership looks like at Primitive Pursuits.

Coyote is calling! Will you answer?

Location: 4-H Acres


September 30
October 21
November 11
December 9

Ability to hold this program as schedule is dependent on sufficient enrollment. A final decision on the continuation of this program will be determined by September 22th.

Food/water: Snack/Dinner (we will be having a fire, so feel free to bring food to cook over the fire - corn on the cob, potatoes, grilled cheese, or reheat any food in tin foil, hot dogs, apples) and

1-2 quarts of water

Wool/synthetic warm socks - 1 extra pairs

Wool/synthetic hat

Wool/synthetic layers - top and bottom (potentially 2)

Waterproof/insulated hiking shoes

No cotton/minimal cotton clothing!

Cup for warm tea

fixed-blade knife

bow drill/friction fire kit parts (please bring whatever you have)

Any unfinished projects you began in a previous program that would like guidance on to help you finish - coal burning, natural crafts etc.
Primitive Pursuits (PP)
9/30/2023 - 12/9/2023
12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Ages 10 - 12
This session has openings
Registration will end on 9/25/2023.
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