Outdoor Adventure- Fishing Edition!
This round of Outdoor Adventure is based all around fishing. We will be fishing at Salmon Creek and on the lake at Myers. The group will use traditional rod and reels, make their own primitive pole, make primitive basket traps, learn about hand fishing, practice using bait traps and how to use a casting net! We also have our Annual Fishing Derby on 6/15/24, and all are invited!

We work hard to make our programs equitable to all youth. To aid in this effort and the limitations of our database we ask that you please add your youth to the waitlist for this program. You will then be notified prior to the first day of program which programs(s) your youth is in.

If you have any questions please reach out to Athena Steinkraus, Rural Youth Services Assistant Coordinator, ahs38@cornell.edu.
Rural Youth Services (RYS)
Salmon Creek, Myers Park, Tuesdays, 5/14-6/18, 2:30pm- 5:15pm
Grades 5th - 8th
Registration is no longer available