Luna's Rising
Deep in the forest under the light of the moon a group of young women are connected by the hum of the earth and their hearts beating as one. Voices sing in unison as they work, crafting spoons and baskets with their hands, using their strength to split wood and learning the earth skills that lead them toward empowered self-reliance and a feeling of home among other young women. In a state of life transition from childhood towards adolescence, these girls find support and inspiration to author the next phase of their journey.

Optional overnight on Thursday for an additional $80*

*Please note this camp runs TUESDAY-FRIDAY*

Drop-off: 8:45am-9am
Primitive Pursuits (PP)
Tuesday 8/1- Friday 8/4
Ages 13 - 15
This session has openings
Registration will end on 7/24/2023.
Primitive Pursuits-Thursday Overnight
Thursday Overnight Add-On+ $80.00