Refund Policy
All payments for camper weeks must be paid in full 15 business days prior to the week your camper is attending. We reserve the right to cancel your camper’s reservation if the balance is not paid in full. It is your responsibility to make certain that your balance is paid in full by the deadline.
Payment Deadlines if you reserve prior to July 1st:
Week One: June 10
Week Two: June 16
Week Three: June 24
Week Four: July 5
Week Five: July 11
Week Six: July 18

Please note if you reserve a camp week once we are in summer session (any date after July 1, 2022) you must pay in full.
A nonrefundable deposit of $150 per each week you reserve is required to reserve your spot at camp. (Refunds will only be considered for cancelations due to Covid-19; you will either receive a refund or you will be given the option to reserve a spot for 2023.)

All health forms and our CCE Paperwork which included a Media Release, Code Of Conduct and Acknowledgement of Risk form must be completed in Ultra Camp in the Document Center by June 15, 2022 or 15 business days prior to your camper arriving at Hidden Valley 4-H Camp if you reserve after June 15, 2022.
A complete, up to date vaccination record must be included.
Except for the Health Form that needs a Provider Signature all forms will be completed within the Document Center on Ultra Camp. Once you complete the Health Form that Requires a Provider Signature you will upload the form to your Account in Ultra Camp.
We ask that the Document Center be used for forms – it allows our Camp the most accurate and secure way to create camp lists related health and safety. If you are unable to use the Document Center forms will only be accepted through the mail at the address below AND will need to be submitted in full by JUNE 15, 2022.

Hidden Valley 4-H Camp
323 Owego Street, Unit 5
Montour Falls, NY 14865

By clicking the submit button, you are certifying that you are in agreement with the payment and paperwork deadlines for Hidden Valley 4-H Camp. In 2022 we are unable to hold any camper registration if payment is not received 15 business days prior to the arrival at camp, and your registration will be removed from the active enrollment through system within Ultra Camp.