Camp Orkila
Main Camp Cabin Rental - Camp Orkila
October 9 - 11
$450 / $675 / $900
Registration is no longer available
Each group will reserve their own cabin for the duration of their stay. Cabins will be cleaned and disinfected between each use. Meals will either be grab and go or follow procedures related wo Washington State’s Phased Reopening Approach. In addition, we will observe federal, state, and county orders around reopening businesses and physical distancing measures.

Families, staff and volunteers will complete health screenings, including temperature checks for each day at camp. Structured activities will be very limited. Guests can challenge themselves on the zipline and participate in drop-in activities ranging from arts & crafts to archery. In addition, we will offer a selection of family led activities from scavenger hunts to frisbee golf.

Main Camp cabins are more rustic, and are located on the beach or nestled among the trees. Fully enclosed, these house up to 10 participants in bunk beds, participants provide their own linens. Some cabins have electricity; bathroom facilities with showers are a short walk away. If you require electricity for medical reasons, please inquire about availability during registration.

Per the current state guidelines, the maximum number of occupants per cabin is 10 and all people staying in your cabin must reside at the same address.

We recognize that families have different abilities to pay and offer a voluntary three-tier fee structure to best meet each family's needs.

• Tier 3 reflects the full cost of the program selected. If your family can pay this amount, please do. Thank you.
• Tier 2 is a partially-subsidized rate to help families who are unable to afford the full cost of the program. Choose this rate if your family needs a partial subsidy.
• Tier 1 is a substantial subsidy for families who need assistance to participate in the program. Choose this rate if your family needs it.

If Tier 1 still presents a barrier to participation, Financial Assistance is available through an application process that can be accessed in the registration process. Financial Assistance may be awarded for up to 70% off the Tier 1 price and is awarded on a sliding scale based on household income and size.
Available Options:
Y Cabin Rentals
Weekend Rate - Main Camp - Orkila
Tier 3+ $900.00  
Tier 2+ $675.00  
Tier 1+ $450.00  
I would like to apply for financial aid (25% deposit due at time of registration. Select "Pay Miniumum Amount Due" at checkout. Will display as tier 1 price until application is processed)+ $450.00  
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