Sailing in Recovery (August)

Intro to sailing class for members of the recovery community, to share and explore our sport with similar folks, as part of their drug and alcohol recovery journey.

This intro class will be a small group experience with 3 people per boat & per instructor. We have 3 sessions scheduled. If are unable to attend all 3 sessions, please leave the spot for someone who can.

Open to the entire recovery community. Sharing is promoted and encouraged; however, this program is sailing focused and does not feature a meeting or other guided recovery programing beyond creating a gathering of similar individuals in a supportive setting.

Recovery Community Sailing Night #1    (8/7/2024)
Points of Sail, Sail Trim, Steering

Recovery Community Sailing Night #2    (8/14/2024)
Body weight, teamwork, sailing a course

Recovery Community Sailing Night #3     (8/21/2024)
Intro to Sailboat Racing

Recovery Community Regatta! TBD (later in summer)
Put your skills to the test by racing against your peers in a friendly Recovery Community Regatta.

Cancellations due to weather and other factors:
Lessons may need to be rescheduled in cases of severe inclement weather. If a class is cancelled due to weather or other circumstances, we will work with The Retreat in an attempt to reschedule the session.

**Note: In our standard waiver you will see a photography release with an option to decline participation. Recovery session participants are assumed to decline the release AUTOMATICALLY and staff will NOT be taking or using photography from these sessions at any time. **

8/7, 8/14, 8/21
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Ages 18 - 80
USD60.00 (Self-Selected Scholarship Available)
This session has openings
Registration will end on 8/21/2024 at 8:00 PM.
Recovery Sailing Self-Selection
If you need financial support to attend, please click the checkbox to select this donation. Enter your requested discount amount in the box ($45 maximum).