Refund Policy
White Memorial Camp Refund Policy.

Camp Registration Fees:
We require our guests to pay a deposit in order to reserve their space for a camp or event session. Despite pre-determined exceptions, all guests pay a minimum of a $50 deposit to secure their spot. Remaining fees are to be paid prior to the first day of the event.

The minimum amount of a $50 deposit is non-refundable. However, if you are unable to attend the event or camp you signed up for, this deposit may be transferred to another camp session so long as you notify us before your event.

Transfers are valid for one year after the original event you intended to attend or 365 days. Funds can only be transferred to camps or events hosted or partnered by White Memorial Camp.

In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule your registration or reservation, please notify White Memorial Camp by e-mailing or calling the camp office at 620-767-5165.

Deposit or registration fee transfer is not valid if you do not contact White Memorial Camp prior to your scheduled camp or event.

In the event of a "no-show" where you do not attend the event you paid and signed up for without contacting us in advance, then any fees you've paid are non-refundable and cannot be transferred.

Scholarships and Sponsorships:
If you were granted a partial or full scholarship, or were sponsored by an individual or organization, in the event of a cancellation or no-show, the client will be removed from that year's scholarship eligibility and the funds may be granted to another applicant. Scholarships are non-transferable. Each applicant must be awarded and/or apply for funding and must be approved and awarded such funding in advance.

Leaving Camp Early:
Whether it be due to sickness, behavior issues threatening the safety of themselves or other guests, family emergency or any other incident not directly caused by WMC, its staff, or anyone involved with our program, then any participant leaving camp early will not be refunded. In some instances, partial funds may be transferred to future camps as credit.

T-shirts, Camp Store and Online Purchases:
Funds submitted online, via mail or in person to be placed in Camp Store will be monitored by camp staff and used as credit. After purchases are made during the event, any funds remaining in the guest's "camp store funds" will be returned to the payer. Should the change amount exceed $25, WMC may, for the security of funds, mail a refund check, or return the remaining amount to credit card rather than hand cash back. WMC will do their best to notify guests in advance that they will not receive cash back should that be the case. All leftover camp store funds will be refunded.

Online purchase refunds will be handled and funds returned to the credit card that placed the order. Proof of wrong or damaged items will be required for a refund. If it's a sizing issue, merchandise can be returned and credit applied to the correct or future orders.

T-Shirt refunds are available if, upon arrival, WMC does not have the correct shirt size available and are unable to provide an alternative shirt design acceptable by the purchaser. You may also choose to wait and have WMC order the correct size. Otherwise, T-shirt sales are final.

User Groups, Third Party Camps, Facility Rentals, and Cabin Rentals:
Sometimes your registration fees or partial fees are paid to a group utilizing WMC programming, facilities, or other resources. Any refund requests are handled by the User Group of which you registered with.

For those renting our facilities, please read our User Group refund policies below.
User Fees and Costs
User agrees to pay WMC the full amount owed indicated on the Event Contract on the specified deadline(s). Failure to pay may result in cancellation of event or claims or mitigation.
User agrees to pay WMC the amount reasonably necessary to repair or replace property or equipment damaged, defaced, or destroyed during the group’s use.
30% deposit (based on preliminary numbers) due with signed contract to secure your dates.
The group agrees to deliver final payment for entire rental including use of specified programming, equipment and extra amenities and sign necessary waivers prior to participating in the activities before or upon arrival. Breach of this may result in event cancelation or late fees.
Payment Methods: We accept credit card payments online, in person, or over the phone. Please call: 620-767-5165
You may pay in person upon arrival with cash or credit card.
If paying in advance by check please make payable to: White Memorial Camp.
Mail to: White Memorial Camp & Retreat Center, 1271 S 1050 Road, Council Grove, Ks 66846

Cancellation Policy.
In the unlikely event Users should cancel
*less than 90 days prior to their event the initial required deposit paid is nonrefundable.
*90 days or more before an event - a 50% of the initial required deposit may be refunded.
*WMC shall have the right to terminate this contract if the guest fails to meet or violates any terms of the contract, in which case the provisions of this cancellation policy also apply.
*No-show or cancellation less than 24 hours prior to event or rental, there will be no refund of initial deposit or paid fees and guests will be charged the full remaining amount of their stay. Charges may be applied to the card on file.
*For reservations confirmed 5 days or less prior to the scheduled day of arrival that are cancelled by User will be charged 50% of the total remaining cost of all items cancelled.

*Cancellations on RV Lot Reservations made less than 1 day prior to arrival will be fully charged for each site.

*WMC requires a credit card be kept on file prior and after your stay to cover added amenities or other additional costs such as damages or late fees. If a credit card cannot be provided, WMC may require the User to provide an additional refundable payment of 30% of their event cost. This will be refunded after the event and all costs have been covered.

*Cancellations or forced rescheduling due to “an act of God” may be subject to receiving store credit towards a rental scheduled within one year of the event’s original reservation date based on the Force Majeure Event policy below. "Force Majeure Event" means the occurrence of: (a) an act of war (whether declared or not), hostilities, invasion, act of foreign enemies, terrorism or civil disorder; (b) ionising radiations, or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel, or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel, radioactive toxic explosive or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear component thereof; (c) pressure waves from devices travelling at supersonic speeds or damage caused by any aircraft or similar device; (d) a strike or strikes or other industrial action or blockade or embargo or any other form of civil disturbance (whether lawful or not), in each case affecting on a general basis the industry related to the affected Services and which is not attributable to any unreasonable action or inaction on the part of the Company or any of its Subcontractors or suppliers and the settlement of which is beyond the reasonable control of all such persons; (e) specific incidents of exceptional adverse weather conditions in excess of those required to be designed for in this Agreement which are materially worse than those encountered in the relevant places at the relevant time of year during the twenty (20) years prior to the Effective Date; (f) tempest, earthquake or any other natural disaster of overwhelming proportions; pollution of water sources resulting from any plane crashing into [ ]; (g) discontinuation of electricity supply, not covered by the agreement concluded with the [utility company]; or (h) other unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of the Parties against which it would have been unreasonable for the affected party to take precautions and which the affected party cannot avoid even by using its best efforts, which in each case directly causes either party to be unable to comply with all or a material part of its obligations under this Agreement;
(1) Neither Party shall be in breach of its obligations under this Agreement (other than payment obligations) or incur any liability to the other Party for any losses or damages of any nature whatsoever incurred or suffered by that other (otherwise than under any express indemnity in this Agreement) if and to the extent that it is prevented from carrying out those obligations by, or such losses or damages are caused by, a Force Majeure Event except to the extent that the relevant breach of its obligations would have occurred, or the relevant losses or damages would have arisen, even if the Force Majeure Event had not occurred (in which case this Clause 20 shall not apply to that extent).
(2) As soon as reasonably practicable following the date of commencement of a Force Majeure Event, and within a reasonable time following the date of termination of a Force Majeure Event, any Party invoking it shall submit to the other Party reasonable proof of the nature of the Force Majeure Event and of its effect upon the performance of the Party's obligations under this Agreement.
(3) WMC shall, and shall procure that its Subcontractors shall, at all times take all reasonable steps within their respective powers and consistent with Good Operating Practices (but without incurring unreasonable additional costs) to: (a) prevent Force Majeure Events affecting the performance of the Company's obligations under this Agreement; (b) mitigate the effect of any Force Majeure Event; and (c) comply with its obligations under this Agreement. The Parties shall consult together in relation to the above matters following the occurrence of a Force Majeure Event.
(4) Should paragraph (1) apply as a result of a single Force Majeure Event for a continuous period of more than [180] days then the parties shall endeavor to agree any modifications to this Agreement (including without limitation, determination of new tariffs (if appropriate) in accordance with the provisions of Clause 7(4)(e)) which may be equitable having regard to the nature of the Force Majeure Event and which is consistent with the Statutory Requirements.

Regarding Coivd-19
User agrees to INDEMNIFY and HOLD HARMLESS WMC from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages or costs, including court costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees that it may incur in relation to any claims, suits, demands, or causes of action related to any exposure to or infection with COVID-19 alleged to have occurred during User and all participants’ use of WMC facilities and premises, whether alleged to have been cause by the negligence of WMC or otherwise.
User expressly agrees that WMC is not liable to User, its officers, directors, employees, volunteers, agents, representatives, invitees and participants for any damages alleged to have been caused by the exposure to or infection with COVID-19 while using WMC facilities or premises or while participating in WMC programs, whether alleged to have been caused by the negligence of WMC or otherwise.