Frequently Asked Questions

Youth Camps

Q:Early Arrival - Can we show up early for check-in?
A:Please do not arrive early for check-in as we are busy preparing the camp for you! We may be having a team meeting or putting final touches on something for the week.
In order to ensure a smooth registration process for all, please arrive at the designated times.

If you should arrive early, you may use the restroom in the Dining Hall Lobby and relax on the Dining Hall patio. Please do not enter the main hall until doors are open. Please do not use any camp toys or programming as it may be set for specific purposes.

If you know in advance that you must drop your camper off early, please contact Camp the week prior to make arrangements. Some cases may result in an additional fee.

Q:Electronics Policy For Youth Camps
A:It’s time to disconnect to reconnect. We request all electronics be left at home for several reasons.

Electronics Policy: Campers shall NOT bring to camp:
Cell Phones (regardless if they are active or not) - nor can they be used as cameras.
Smart Phones (with or without a SIM card)

iPod and MP3 players with screens or capability to connect to internet

iPads,tablets, Laptops and Netbooks

Gaming consoles or Handheld Electronic Gaming Systems of any brand: Nintendo DS, Switch, PSP,

Any device capable of connecting to a mobile or wifi network.

Music players: No music players of any kind. These become a distraction and a safety concern. Campers walking around with headphones are not alert to their surroundings and camp has much to pay attention to. Music in the cabins can then be loud or inappropriate and if everyone has music playing, no one can be heard.

E Readers: (Kindles, Nooks, and other e-readers that connect to the internet) may be brought with preloaded books and no video, games, or music loaded onto the device. Wifi Access will not be granted. This will be up to the discretion of the counselor and Welcome Team during check-in to camp. The device will still need to be checked in but may be checked out during rest time for reading purposes.

Digital Cameras with no wifi: Campers may bring cameras to camp provided that they cannot upload pictures to the Internet. Due to the nature of camp programs, a disposable or inexpensive camera is highly recommended

Explanation:We know in this high-tech era that it’s difficult for youth to not be in constant contact with their families and friends via social media apps, texting, or cell phone calls. However, camp is a unique experience. The camp experience helps youth develop life skills including independence and self-reliance. Among the concerns that make bringing and using cell phones and other communication devices inappropriate at camp are:
Concern that such expensive devices will be lost, damaged, or stolen. WMC, camp, and staff cannot accept responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged items at camp.
Inappropriate use of photo/ video devices. The ease of uploading inappropriate photos and videos is a concern. Cyber bullying is not permitted before, during or after camp.
In addition, youth contact with home if they are suffering a temporary spate of homesickness at camp may cause the condition to worsen. We fully appreciate and respect the positive relationships our campers and counselors have with their families, but if they are to benefit fully from the camp experience, they must be encouraged to develop the skills of independence and self-reliance.

If there is an emergency, or if we are concerned about the youth’s well-being, we will contact the parents or guardians immediately. Campers are constantly in the company of other campers and counselors while at camp, and our camps are staffed with many caring adults with safety, first-aid, lifeguarding, behavior management and other training. Thank you for your cooperation with our electronics policy.

Q:How do we check-in our camper on arrival?
A:Check-in is held inside the lobby of our dining hall. There will be signs and staff to guide the way. If the inner wooden door are closed, it means registration hasn't started yet.

Plan to leave luggage in your car until after your camper is signed in - you can drive to your cabin.

There will be several stations to pass through during check-in. Stations may vary per camp and per person.
Station 0: Start Here! - Luggage Check-in, Nametags, Receive Passport (registration checklist sheet)
Station 1: Paperwork Check - Verify all forms received and any remaining payments.
Station 2: Paperwork Assistance - If more paperwork is required.
Station 3: Safe Keeping - Turn in personal belongings, electronics
Station 4: Medication Check-In - Verification of required medicine, turn in blister pack and meds..
Station 5: Camp Nurse - If clarification is needed or discussion on treatment, quick check-ups.
Station 6: Gear-Up - free camp water bottle, pick-up or purchase t-shirts and other merch.
Station 7: Payment / Customs - sign in camper, pay any remaining fees.

Once you help your camper settle in, the camp counselor will have a game, conversation, or small activity going on in their cabin to help the parent / camper separation go smoothly. Feel free to ease out and we'll take it from there!

Q:What if we will be early or late for camper pick-up?
A:Should a conflict occur and you need to make arrangements to pick up your camper early or you will be running late for check out, please let the Office know as soon as you can.

Early Pick-Up: When you arrive to pick up your camper:
First, go to the office and check-in.
We'll try to make sure the camper's luggage has already been brought to the main office.
We will radio the camper's counselor and have the camper and their luggage brought to the office.
We will then have you sign out the camper.