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Welcome to Okizu!

We are celebrating our 40th birthday this year and we hope you will be able to join us.

Applications for all our programs are listed below and include opportunities for campers, families, and volunteers. To get started, select the appropriate application for the program you are interested in and complete all pages of the document. You will receive a confirmation email once we have received your completed application.


Our 2021 summer programs will be virtual and will utilize our amazing Happy Camper Kit which can be enjoyed on its own, or online during our virtual camp sessions.

• Registration for one of the summer camp sessions includes the Happy Camper Kit and the Zoom information so you can participate in the on-line programs.

• If your child is not interested in zoom but wants a little Okizu in their summer, you can register to receive the Happy Camper Kit only. Each box contains step-by step instructions and supplies for kids to complete projects, mostly on their own, and will be shipped directly to your house. Crack it open at whenever you need a little Okizu love and camp fun.

• Both registrations include a Happy Camper Kit!!!


• Once you are in an application, there is no 'Back' or 'Previous' button so please complete each page before selecting 'Complete'.

• Although there is no 'Save' button, when you select 'Complete' at the end of each page, that page of the application is saved. If you cannot complete the application in one sitting, it is totally fine. When you log back into your account, select the application you wish to complete and you will be able to finish the pages that have not been completed.

• You are unable to review your application prior to submitting it. Don't worry we're sure it's perfect! If you have any questions about what you submitted, give us a call at the office.

If you have any questions at any point, please call us at the Okizu office at 415.382.9083 or email enrollment@okizu.org.
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2021 Camper Applications
2021 Virtual Family Camp Application
2021 Family Camp Application
Ages 0 - 99
Virtual Bereaved Teen Program Application 2021
2/5 - 11/30
Ages 13 - 25
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