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Thank you for your interest in Okizu and welcome to our new online application system! As with every system, nothing is perfect, so we wanted to give you a few notes on the application to make the process a bit easier!

• Once you are in an application, there is no 'Back' or 'Previous' button so please complete each page before selecting 'Complete'.

• There is no 'Save' button but, when you select 'Complete' at the end of a page, that page of the application is saved. If you cannot complete the application in one sitting, it is totally fine. When you log back into your account, select the application you wish to complete and you will be able to finish.

• You are unable to review your application prior to submitting it. Don't worry we're sure it's perfect! Make sure you complete each page before selecting 'Complete' at the end of the page and you should be set! Additionally, you are unable to review your application after submission. If you have any questions about what you submitted, give us a call at the office.

If you have any questions at any point, please call us at the Okizu office at 415.382.9083 or email
Session / DatesAge / GradeCost
Camper Applications
Family Camp - Application 2020
Family Camp Application 2020
N/AAll Okizu programs are free-of-charge.
Virtual Oncology Camp - Application
Virtual Oncology Camp Application
Ages 6 - 17All Okizu programs are free of charge.
Virtual SIBS Camp Application 2020
5/1/2020 - 8/31/2020
Ages 6 - 17$0.00
83 Hamilton Drive, Suite 200 • Novato • CA • 94949 • 415.382.9083