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We are excited for the 2023 camp season and hope you can join us!

Applications for all our programs are listed below and include opportunities for both campers and volunteers.

• To get started, select the appropriate application for the program you are interested in and complete all pages of the document.

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2023 Program Information

We will offer 5 sessions of in-person summer camp for kiddos ages 8-17. Two for pediatric oncology patients and three for their siblings.

We will offer 7 Family Camp sessions - 3 in the Spring and 5 in the summer and fall.


• Our medical team works hard every year to make camp as safe as possible for all our campers and our volunteers. They will continue to monitor current public health issues and we will update our safety protocols as is appropriate.

• At this time, Okizu is requiring all individuals attending an in-person session of overnight camp be vaccinated against COVID-19. In accordance with CDC recommendations, this consists of an original two-dose series plus a bivalent booster dose.


• Once you are in an application, there is no 'Back' or 'Previous' button so please complete each page before selecting 'Complete'.

• Although there is no 'Save' button, when you select 'Complete' at the end of each page, that page of the application is saved. If you cannot complete the application in one sitting, it is totally fine. When you log back into your account, select the application you wish to complete and you will be able to finish the pages that have not been completed.

• You are unable to review your application prior to submitting it. Don't worry we're sure it's perfect! If you have any questions about what you submitted, give us a call at the office.

If you have any questions at any point, please call us at the Okizu office at 415.382.9083 or email enrollment@okizu.org.
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Camper Applications
Picnics and One-Day Events 2023
1/31 - 12/29
Ages 0 - 99
Bereaved Teen Application 13-17 Year Olds
BTP U18 2023
Ages 13 - 17
Bereaved Teen Application 18-25 Years Old
2023 BTP Apps
Ages 18 - 26
Teens-N-Twenties Application
2023 TNT Apps
Ages 18 - 25
Family Camp Application
2023 Family Camp
All Okizu programs are free-of-charge.
Oncology Camp - Application
2023 Oncology Camp
Ages 8 - 17
All Okizu programs are free of charge.
SIBS Camp - Application
2023 SIBS Camp
Ages 8 - 17
All Okizu programs are free of charge.
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