Young Anglers
A day on the still waters of a local lake or pond, another day wading in a river or stream, and the next day out on the Chesapeake Bay with a Coast Guard Certified Charter to experience salt water fishing.

Each day Campers will explore new fishing environments which include ponds, lakes, reservoirs, rivers, streams, creeks, and the Chesapeake Bay. Each day there is a new lesson that builds confidence, improves skills and teaches your child how to succeed at fishing. Campers will learn to target specific species of fish, read the water to locate fish and identify fish species they catch.

Fish and Explore camps are fun, and to keep them that way we focus on exploring the outdoors safely. Campers will wear lifejackets when in the water or on a boat. Fishing is about relaxing outdoors, having fun and catching fish, so all campers learn how to understand different types of water to increase their awareness of how to play safely in and around all bodies of water. An introduction to river navigation and moving water safety helps prepare Campers to fish independently.

Campers will learn to find and catch fish through our proprietary lesson plan that has been created specifically for children. Fish and Explore makes it easy for kids to understand how to use fishing equipment and learn techniques that result in more fish caught. The first day of camp is focused on basic fishing skills like casting and knot tying. As each student progresses, instructors introduce more in depth fishing concepts and skills.

Campers learn from instructor demonstrations and examples and then quickly move to hands on practice where we incorporate a methodology that teaches success and honing of skills through repetition. 1 to 4 ratio (instructor to student) ensures lots of individual attention. ALL CAMPERS WILL CATCH FISH.

Fish and Explore provides all gear and safety equipment, bait and tackle, rods and reels, and lifejackets.

Ultimately, FISH AND EXPLORE Campers will use all of the above training to locate and catch fish!
Wegman's Kingstowne
7/8/2024 8:30 AM - 7/12/2024 4:30 PM
Ages 7 - 10
This session has openings
Registration will end on 7/10/2024 at 9:00 AM.