Session 3, Whispering Winds, Classic Camp, July 16-21, Grades 7-12
Classic Camp, available at all three overnight camps, is the traditional overnight camp experience! During each session, campers will enjoy a variety of activities including swimming, campfires, cookouts, paddling on the lake, leadership games, art projects, songs and more. Campers will individually select focus areas to explore during their camp session. 4-day classic campers will select one focus area and 6-day classic campers will select two focus areas. This approach allows campers to get to know their instructors, progressively build skills and gain confidence each day.

Three focus areas will be offered during every Classic Camp session: STEM in the Outdoors, Art in the Outdoors and Adventure in the Outdoors. Other focus areas will vary by week based on the activities available at her selected camp location.

Art in the Outdoors: Nature will be your camper's inspiration as she explores the outdoors through music, art projects and photography. She will learn about symmetry, and then use her new knowledge and creativity to complete different art projects based on the different types of symmetry found in nature.

STEM in the Outdoors: She will explore the world with a scientist’s curiosity as she takes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) outdoors! Your girl will learn that math can be used to tell us all kinds of things about nature, from how tall or old a tree is to the weather, season, or time. She'll make a sundial or build a rain gauge, measure the circumferences of some of the biggest trees on camp to find out how old they are, go on a shadow adventure and more!

Adventure in the Outdoors: Does your camper want to get outside and try it all? Your girl will experience all of the adventure that overnight camp has to offer as they develop outdoor skills such as fire building and orienteering and hone their skills in outdoor sports such as archery and canoeing. They'll also explore location specific adventures like rock climbing at Camp Arrowhead, kayaking at Camp Cleawox and hiking at Camp Whispering Winds.
Camp Whispering Winds
7/16/2023 2:30 PM - 7/21/2023 2:30 PM
Grades 7th - 12th
This session has openings for females
Registration will end on 6/25/2023 at 11:59 PM.