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Overnight Camp

If you want to pay with check or cookie/nut credits for the deposit, PLEASE SKIP THIS ONLINE ORDER FORM AND GO DIRECTLY to the Girl Overnight Camp Registration Form. Submission by paper form will take up to two weeks. The best way to ensure completion of your camp reservation is to pay the deposit online using debit/credit. We recommend paying the deposit online due to limited space available.

Select below from the Downloadable forms. There you will find the Girl Overnight Camp Registration Form. Please follow the instructions provided. You will receive a confirmation email once your registration has been processed and confirmed.

To review Cookie/Nut Credit Uses guidelines, please visit the Cookie/Nut Credit Uses document.

Online Forms

Payment Form
Outdoor Program - Cookie/Nut Credit Payment
Form used to submit Cookie/Nut Credit information online for Outdoor Programs including: -Troop's First Campout -Troop's First Tent Campout -Junior Tent Camp -Outdoor Leadership Weekend
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