Scholarship Application - 2021 Season
We want everyone to experience the joys of attending one of our unique programs. Thanks to the kindness of our generous donors we can offer discounted rates to select guests in need of financial assistance each year. The availability of scholarships may vary from person to person, but it is our hope that we can share our Camp Experience with anyone who wishes to attend.

Anyone attending a WMC sponsored or partnered event is welcome to apply. Outside groups, rental groups or private camps may have their own tuition and scholarship structures.

Examples of WMC sponsored events include:
-Arrowhead Camp
-Camp Celebrate
-Cottonwood Camp
-Family Camp
-Prairie Run Cross Country Camp
-Last Blast!
-Young Adventurer's Camp
8/1/2021 - 8/6/2021
Ages 0 and up
Registration is no longer available