ICC MAIN CENTER SUMMER CAMPS 2024 - NeoRobotics JR Introductory class in Fundamental Robotics & Art

In this course, students learn how to read and write a robot program as well as control a robot using Scratch/Block. Our detailed curriculum is effective for learning Block/Scratch fundamentals and robotics fundamentals. We shall cover:

1. Fundamentals: Students would know the fundamentals of Block programming. Students shall use touch-screen or keyboard-based programs supplied by LEGO or other 3rd parties.

2. Robot Parts: Students get a gentle introduction to the components used to make a robot, Motors, gears, axles, obstacle sensors, camera, and tilt sensor. All components are used LEGO brick or standard LEGO kits.

3. Beyond Basics: Students would learn how to bring in modularity by using subroutines and modules, and loops which they would use to write more complex programs.

4. Building a NeoRobot: Students learn how to build a robot, add motion to it, add sensors to it so it can interact, and finally program it using Scratch/Block. Using the skills that the students learned so far, they would be challenged to build robots to perform some tasks. Students would be using PCs or iPads to program the robots.

5. Suggested Follow-up Program: This is a good foundational course for those trying to participate in FLL or other advanced challenges. Students should take the NeoRobotics class which would provide an actual FLL type curriculum.

We encourage students to bring their own tablet or iPad or touchscreen laptop loaded with Lego WeDo 2.0 software.


Kids will be creating multiple art projects.
From Acrylic painting and clay art on canvas to embellishing and giving the final touch - completing a piece of art on a blank canvas from scratch is an accomplishment children feel proud of. Every child loves artwork, it makes them happy. Painting can be very therapeutic through color mixing and brushing on canvas. At the same time, working with clay brings great motor skills.
Kids can feel a great sense of accomplishment after completing the art project. See happy and content children with beautiful artwork to take home from this camp!
ICC, 525 Los Coches Street, Milpitas
7/8/2024 - 7/12/2024
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Ages 5 - 8
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