ICC MAIN CENTER SUMMER CAMPS 2024 -Agastya Science Carnival & Public Speaking Camp
Agastya USA's Science Carnival - A Summer of Scientific Adventure

(9:00 AM - 12:00 PM)

Dive into an immersive exploration of science at "Agastya USA's STEM Camp – Science Carnival", where students will embark on a fascinating journey through optics, sound, environmental concepts, and illusions. Our immersive approach to learning, based on hands-on experiences and the "learning by doing" methodology, sets the stage for an extraordinary summer of science filled fun.

Themes and Experiments

Light Delight | Optics - Ray Pad, Ray Pad Simulation, Infinity Roads
Sound Safari | Sound - Straw Flute, Wave Model, Mouth Organ
Leaf Wonders |Plant Biology - Leaf Scavenger Hunt, Leaf Art, Leaf 3D Model
Nature Nexus |Natural Sciences - Water Cycle, Transpiration Model, Food Chain
Magic in Mind |Sensory Illusion - Illusion Wheel, Jastrope, Zoetrope, Center of Gravity

The week begins with an in-depth exploration of optics, where students will investigate the properties of light using ray pads and simulation ray pads. They'll delve into the world of mirrors, constructing Infinity Roads models to understand mirror properties and the phenomenon of multiple image formation with two mirrors. This hands-on approach allows students to grasp complex optical concepts in a tangible and engaging manner.

Moving on to the realm of sound, students will explore the characteristics of sound such as pitch, frequency, and amplitude. Using simple materials like straws, they'll conduct experiments to observe sound variations and design wave models. Additionally, they'll unleash their creativity by crafting musical instruments like the mouth organ from popsicle sticks, combining artistic expression with scientific exploration.
Transitioning to environmental science, students will delve into the intricacies of leaves and the environment. They'll collect and study different types of leaves, creating artistic arrangements and 3D leaf models to understand leaf structures and functions. They'll also explore environmental concepts like the water cycle through hands-on activities, building water cycle models to observe the processes of rainfall, water absorption, and groundwater movement. Moreover, they'll gain insights into the vital role of plants in maintaining water balance through transpiration models and explore the dynamics of food chains and food pyramids.

Concluding the week, students will delve into the fascinating world of optical illusions, experimenting with phenomena like Jastrope, Zoetrope, and the center of gravity. Through these activities, students will not only deepen their scientific knowledge but also develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a deeper appreciation for the wonders of science in our everyday lives. Join us for a week of exploration, discovery, and hands-on learning at "Agastya USA's STEM Camp - Science Carnival"!

ICC and Agastya USA* have joined hands to bring you fun-filled “Agastya’s Hands-On STEM Camps” to spark curiosity and nurture creativity in your children through the expertise of the world’s largest hands-on education program, Agastya International Foundation.

*Agastya USA, www.agastyausa.org is a non-profit [501(c)(3)] organization that supports the world’s largest hands-on, immersive experiential learning program, run by Agastya International Foundation in India. Our mission is to spark curiosity, creativity and confidence in school children and teachers alike, through outreach programs based in science, art, ecology and design thinking.


This incredible week is full of fun and exciting topics like, Is Artificial Intelligence safe & What do I want to be in 10 years?
It is a pact full of specific techniques that infuse emotion and acting into their performance. At the end of this camp, children will be able to -
-Evaluate their speaking ability
-Prepare and deliver speeches
-Give impromptu talks
-Control their voice, vocabulary, and gestures
-Give constructive feedback and more

In Debate, they will learn how to listen actively with a Flow chart and how to communicate using 3 parts.
1. Blank statement that you believe to be true.
2. Evidence and reasoning proving that your blank statement it true.
3. The source where you found your evidence and reasoning.
ICC, 525 Los Coches Street, Milpitas
6/24/2024 - 6/28/2024
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Ages 6 - 8
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