Enchanted Academy Art Workshop/ Cultural immersion

TiME: 9 AM - 3 PM


Enchanted Academy Art Workshop ( 9 AM TO 12 NOON)

Be prepared to be whisked away to the land of Hogwarts school - an enchanted academy where nothing is as it seems. Experience the majesty of the great dining hall as our students illustrate a beautiful graphic. Amuse yourself in the not-so-ordinary life of the academy with a plethora of cartoon drawings. From drawing an enchanted forest to a day at the races with dragons, it’s nothing but fun in our classroom. The final of day of the Enchanted Academy Workshop will introduce our students to pastel chalks as they create a whimsical drawing of a phoenix. Please wear an old shirt or smock to the final day of class.

Cultural immersion ( 1pm to 3 pm)

NATIONAL FLAG: The National flag of India is known as Tiranga, which means three Colored flag. It has Orange on top, white in the middle and green at the bottom. In the center it has a Navy blue wheel with twenty-four spokes known as the Ashok Chakra. We also talked about the significance of each color.
Saffron stands for renunciation, disinterestedness, courage and sacrifice. White symbolizes truth, peace and purity. Green represents prosperity and life.

NATIONAL FLOWER: Lotus is the national flower of India that grows in the mud with its long stock far above the water bearing the flower on the top. It symbolizes purity, achievement, long life and good fate.

NATIONAL BIRD: Peacock is the National bird of INDIA. It is a colorful, swan sized bird with a fan shaped crest of feather. Peacock feathers are turquoise, green blue and purple in color. Peacocks look most beautiful when they dance with open feathers. Peacock is a symbol of grace and beauty.

NATIONAL ANIMAL: Tiger is the national Animal of India. It is a magnificent striped animal and has a yellow coat of fur with dark stripes. Tiger is known for his royal grace, strength and power.

NATIONAL FRUIT: Mango is the National fruit of India. It is also known as king of fruits. Mangoes are yellow orange and red and come in many varieties. This fruit is used in its raw as well as ripe form. (we had some delicious Mango for snack)
In addition to this we made tri color sandwiches to bring home. We recapped the colors of the Indian Flag as we made the sandwiches together.

This was indeed a week of rich cultural experiences for all the children where we learnt about India, the flag, the festivals, the important national symbols and read many books together to explore INDIA!

ICC, 525 Los Coches Street, Milpitas
6/7/2021 - 6/11/2021
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Grades 1st - 5th
This session has openings
Registration will end on 6/5/2021.
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