Northern Frontier Service Crew Application
This program is for 14-15yr olds. It is 2-weeks of service at NF unpaid but no cost to applicant. Applicant will be part of a team the is led by our Service Crew Chief. The SC Chief will build into them spiritually, teach them and train them to properly clean the dining hall, dishes, pots, pans, floors, and other equipment in the kitchen and dining hall. There is a team of 4-7 young men they will work alongside. They get some time off everyday to enjoy the waterfront, evening campfires, and the company of their crew. This is a program where they will be expected to corporate and work well with others, they will take part in morning devotions with their chief and daily Bible Exploration with the camp director.
6/22/2024 - 8/18/2024
Ages 14 - 16
This session has openings for males
Registration will end on 8/16/2024.