Week 6 Tree Climbers Session A
The perfect introduction to Northern Frontier Camp for both dads and boys! Enjoy fun-filled purposeful quality time with your son, focused on God's breath-taking creation and activities designed to strengthen your father/son bond. You will swim together, fish, build in the wood shop, climbing the tower, eat deliscious food, play Gau-Gau, laugh, and sing loud at campfire. Your sons and you will be led by a senior staffer and a junior staffer so you and your sons will not be ever bored. Life long memories will be made, it is definitely worth a day or two off from work. A must do!
7/31/2021 - 8/3/2021
Ages 6 - 8
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military scholarship
$50 scholarship offered to campers whose parents serve in any branch of the military
tree climber leader
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