Week 5 Rock Climbing Trip
7/27/2019 - 8/3/2019
Ages 13 - 17
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Northern Frontier's rock climbing trip is a trip that is EPIC! You will spend time reviewing some basic knot tying, belaying, and harness safety techniques. You will spend time rock climbing and rappelling in the southern Adirondacks as well as in the High Peak region. These locations have cliffs ranging from 40ft - 200ft in height.
You will be camping outside, cooking your own food, and have short hikes to your climbing destinations. You will refine your climbing skills that you previously learned at NF or elsewhere under the guidance of our well-trained staff. On this trip you will have 2 collegiate rock climbing leaders. They received instruction and training from an AMGA certified guide who frequently joins the trip as well.
With all the time learning about gear, techniques, and anchors our counselors are always making time to teach the young men about building their foundation on the solid rock JESUS CHRIST. That is the primary focus of the trip. Personally this is my favorite trip as the director!
Available Options:
Charter Bus To Camp
To NF from Hawthorne, NJThe bus will leave from the parking lot at Hawthorne Gospel Church at 8:30am and make one stop at the Short Line Bus Terminal to pick up more boys on the way to Northern Frontier Camp. It will leave Shortline Bus termiinal at 9:30am. and arrive at Northern Frontier around 12:30pm.+ $50.00  
To NF from Newburgh, NYLeaving Short -Line Bus Terminal in Newburgh, NY by 9:30am, and then on to Northern Frontier Camp by 12:30pm.+ $50.00  
Charter Bus From Camp
Return to Hawthorne, NJThe bus will leave Northern Frontier Camp after lunch on Saturday and then make one stop at the Short Line Bus Terminal in Newburgh NY by 4pm before arriving at the Hawthorne Gospel Church parking lot around 5pm.+ $50.00  
Return to Newburgh, NYThe bus will leave Northern Frontier after lunch and stop at Newburgh, NY by 4pm.+ $50.00  
AmountDiscount NameDescription
$30.00Early Bird DiscountRegister for any camper program at Northern Frontier and receive $25 off through March 1st. Excludes week 1 due to a special rate just for that week.
$25.00Siblings SavingsSave $25 for a second son (and each additional son) per week.
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