Gr 5-12 Musical - Children of Eden
CHCA US Theatre provides performance opportunities in the areas of straight plays (comedy and drama), musicals, and improvisation. In a four-year span, students can experience (either onstage or behind the scenes) a variety of dramatic works.

Complete this registration PRIOR to audition to provide director with basic information. You will schedule an automatic payment that will be deducted after the show is cast and the first read-through is held. (If your child is not cast, the Fine Arts Department will cancel this registration and your scheduled payment.) See Children of Eden production homepage on the CHCA website for lots more information!
CHCA 2023-2024 Programs
2023-2024 School Year
Grades 5th - 12th
Cast: $150 + $125 Fine Arts Fee; SPT: $40 - $76
Fine Arts - Theatre
US Theatre
Registration is no longer available
FA - Cast Fees
Cast/Ensemble Spring Musical Production Fee (Gr 7-12)
Includes costume fee, snacks/juice boxes for pre-tech week, tech week meals and juice boxes, short sleeve production T-shirt and production party.
+ $150.00
FA - Student Prod. Team-Waive FA Fee Next Screen
Student Production Team (SPT) (includes T-shirt, snacks/juice for pre-tech week and party)
Select discount to waive $125 Fine Arts fee.
+ $40.00
HS SPT Tech Week Meals (Optional, but recommended)
Select discount to waive the $125 Fine Arts Fee
+ $36.00
FA - Orchestra-Waive FA Fee Next Screen
Optional T-shirt: Adult Small+ $16.00
Optional T-shirt: Adult Medium+ $16.00
Optional T-shirt: Adult Large+ $16.00
Optional T-shirt: Adult XLarge+ $16.00
FA Waive Fine Arts Fee - 2nd-4th Production
Fine Arts fees are for Gr 9-12 CAST participation in the Gr 9-12 Theatre productions. There is one fee for any and all CAST participation in productions during a single school year. Fee waived for subsequent productions.
FA Waive Fine Arts Fee SPT/Orch/Gr 7-8
Student Production Team (SPT)/Orchestra are not required to pay the Fine Arts Fee.