Founders' Campus Eagles Zone 23-24
You may choose to use Eagles Zone on a regular or as-needed basis.

Please see the Eagles Zone webpage for daily schedule, procedures, prices, and other information.

PLEASE NOTE: Parents will need to enter the UE building entrance and call the Eagles Zone cell phone from the front lobby. We will confirm your arrival on our security camera, sign your child out, and send them to the lobby. Please save the Eagles Zone cell to your contact list, (513) 310-9963.
CHCA 2023-2024 Programs
2023-2024 School Year
Grades 4th - 6th
Regular Attendee: $1,249.50/year; As Needed Attendee: $11.55/day; $25 Registration Fee Begins 08/17/23
Registration is no longer available
Additional Fees:
Late Registration Fee (EDP EZ)$25.00
Extended Day Programs
xGr 4-6 Eagles Zone Individual AS NEEDED (1 day minimum)
$11.55 fee each day this child attends regardless of how long they stay. (Select "pay this reservation in full" in the shopping cart). After this child uses the Gr 4-6 EZ 1 time, your monthly option is adjusted to reflect the additional number of days used and payment automatically deducted on the 20th of each month (September-May) with the final payment deducted on June 8 using the payment method you used to pay the minimum fee.
xGr 4-6 Eagles Zone Individual REGULAR
$1,249.50, yearly cost regardless of the number of days attended. Late pick up fees apply and will be added to monthly bill
+ $1,249.50