Minute-2-Win It Robotic Challenges, Stop Motion Animation & Minecraft (9-13 yrs) WK2
Join us as we design, build, modify, and program robots that interact, perform complex tasks and respond to challenges. Students will partner up and use LEGO® Robots to compete in challenges Swept Away, Warbots and wiffle ball challenges. In addition, students will use Minecraft to complete tasks such as building mazes filled with traps and defenses to protect them from arch enemies. They will learn to use Command Blocks and Redstone to create traps and other obstacles. In the afternoon, students will create their own mini movie set, learn the parts of a story and create an animated movie using LEGO mini figures and other objects. The students will also learn how to edit their films, attach music, and add titles/credits using Professional Stop Animation software.

PLEASE NOTE: Children may register for both weeks or individual weeks. Each week has different LEGO builds and lessons.
S. Burlington: Vermont Commons School
7/8/2024 - 7/12/2024
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Ages 9 - 13
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