Frequently Asked Questions


If a class is cancelled due to Covid. LetGoYourMInd will refund you in full.

What is your teaching philosophy?
Behind every fun and enriching LetGoYourMind program is our commitment to provide children with an opportunity to grow more competent in the important STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math), to become more confident in their ideas and abilities, and to provide the guidance to develop the important life skills of cooperation and collaboration.

Who are your teachers?
Our teachers are currently teaching in public or private schools or are graduates or undergraduates involved in college programs relating to education or technology. All of our staff go through reference checks, a background screening process, and a thorough training program.

Are there any other staff members present during your programs?
Along with our program teacher, there is always at least one other staff member present during each of our programs. Summer programs also have high school and/or college-aged students who work with the children in small groups. In addition, a director is present at each location for the entire week.

What is the student to staff ratio at your summer program?
Our ratio is between 9:1, depending on the age of the students and the material being presented.

What is your student supervision policy?
We ensure that there are always two staff members present at our programs at all times. Students are accompanied to the bathroom area, as well as any other time that they may need to leave the classroom.

Are the courses and themes the same each year?
Our summer themes change every year, as do our courses and activities.

What do students need to bring to our program?
Everyone should bring a lunch, snack, and beverage every day. Water is typically available at each site, so a refillable bottle is a good idea. More information is sent out prior to the start of the program.

Are there prerequisites for any classes?
The answer is no. Children may sign up for any course designed for their age group.

Why can’t my 8 year old register for the Minecraft course?
The Minecraft course is designed with higher level math and a lot of abstract thinking that an 8-year-old would probably not be able to grasp. We want all children to enjoy the courses and not feel left out.

Do students get time outside every day?
Weather permitting; students are taken outside every day during their lunch break. An additional outside break may be taken, as well. Children should come prepared with the proper clothing and shoes for active play.

What does a typical day look like?
We create a different theme for each summer season, allowing us to design new challenges and building projects for the students. Our days are structured so that there is adequate time to encourage spontaneous creativity and fun. The program for younger students is a combination of short instruction periods followed by hands-on application, frequent group discussions and sharing periods, and time for unstructured, individual creativity. Activities are changed frequently and modified as necessary.

Older children are taught the basics of robot building and programming, along with stop-motion animation. They spend the majority of their time working in small groups to enable their robots to perform a series of tasks, and also to create an original video. Students are gathered together throughout the day for instruction as the need arises. Each program has a number of enthusiastic, motivating and knowledgeable counselors working with the teacher to encourage and help the students.

Will the students get to take home the things that they build?
Unfortunately, no. As we all know, LEGO elements are very expensive. However, each child will be emailed pictures of their creations and their activities during the week. The older children will also get a copy of the stop motion animation video created by their individual groups.

What are your safety/emergency policies?
A staff member accompanies each child whenever he/she leaves the classroom for any reason. A first aid kit, a list of parent contact numbers, and any pertinent medical information is kept by the director and teachers and is readily accessible at all times. Pickup by anyone other than a parent needs to be provided in advance, in writing. Parents must accompany their children and sign in each morning and out each afternoon. Staff members at each camp location have been trained in CPR and First Aid. All of the camp’s safety and emergency policies are available at each camp location and are also available by email.

What do parents need to do to enroll their child our program?
A link to our online registration system can be found on each individual program page.

What is the tuition for the program?
Tuition varies due to venues from $355 to $475. Half day courses of 4+5-year-olds are $185 per week.

Are refunds provided?
Yes, we understand that sometimes situations arise which require you to change plans. We offer a full refund less $75 per class (for processing) if you request a refund before May 1. If you need to request a refund after June 1, we will refund 50% of the tuition. There are no refunds within 30 days of the start of a class or if the child is removed from a program due to behavioral issues.

Are there any types of discounts?
We offer a $25 discount for siblings and multiple weeks.

Is before or after care available?
At certain locations. All location pages will have information if available there.

Do you carry insurance?
Yes. We carry a $100,000 policy.

What is your privacy policy?
LetGoYourMind does not share any personal information, including email addresses, with third parties, under any circumstances.

Do you offer programs other than summer programs?
We also offer in-school and after-school programs, as well as one to three day long programs and Saturday workshops.