Frequently Asked Questions


Q:Address Changes
A:Please remember to notify us or go to your account online and make any address or email changes. We will be communicating by email prior to and during your camper's time at camp and if we don't have your email address listed correctly you will miss out on any special announcements. Likewise with your mailing address. Sometimes we need to communicate with you by "snail mail" and can only do so if we have a correct address for you.

Q:Adventure Camp
A:Adventure Camp goes from Sunday-Friday. Please note that the pick-up times at camp and at the bus stops are different on Friday. Pick-up times are as follows: At Camp 2:00pm, at the Gladstone bus stop 5:30pm, at the Roseburg bus stop 5:15pm, at the Salem bus stop 4:00pm, and at the Springfield bus stop 4:00pm. NOTE: The Gladstone bus pick-up will be at the Rivergate Adventist Elementary School 1505 Rivergate School Rd. Gladstone, OR 97027 on Friday! Please see “2020 Bus Schedule” available on our website at for details.

Q:Cabinmate Requests
A:For REG camps, cabins are assigned according to activity chosen. Those signing up for the same camp and activity may request to be cabin mates. We cannot guarantee that campers will be together as requested but we will make every effort to accommodate the request. RAD campers are placed in cabins with others signed up for the same session. Adventure campers are placed, as much as possible, with cabin mates they’ve requested.

Q:Camper Age Exceptions
A:To make the Big Lake experience the best we can, we have grouped our camp sessions by age because of the differing physical and emotional levels of each age group. We do have a three month age grace, meaning campers who will be the specified age for the camp within three months of attending camp, can register for camp. Exceptions are occasionally made for campers who are outside the three month age grace period, but are still very near the required age. Any exception requests must be made by email ( or a call to the Gladstone office at (503) 850-3583. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Q:Camper Mail
A:Please address camper mail as follows:

"Camper Name" - "week of camp"
c/o Big Lake Youth Camp
26435 Big Lake Rd
Sisters, OR 97759

We suggest using USPS or UPS.

Q:Camper Mail (after camper is home)
A:Mail that arrives after a camper has left camp is forwarded to the home address on file.

Q:Camper Store Accounts
A:While at Big Lake your camper will have the opportunity to visit the Big Lake Mall, our camp store which features lots of cool items that will help your camper remember their time at Big Lake! Campers can make purchases at the Big Lake Mall with cash or by using a camper store account. While your camper is at camp, deposits to your camper's store account can be made online or by calling the Big Lake camp office at (503) 850-3562. At the end of your camper's stay at Big Lake, any money left in your camper’s store account will be refunded back to the online account your camper was registered under.The funds will remain on the account for future use unless you contact our business office and request a refund of any unused funds. You can contact our business office located in Gladstone by emailing or by calling (503) 850-3583.

Q:Campfire Program
A:Every evening your child will head down to the campfire bowl with their cabin mates. During campfire your camper will sit back and relax as energetic staff put on a memorable program creatively presenting a character building lesson. Each year campers report this is their favorite part of camp. Campfire begins with the singing of Big Lake favorites, old and new, songs the campers take home with them when the week is over. The night is capped off with a character building play presented by the talented Big Lake staff. Campfire is a fun-filled experience for all campers and will provide great memories of their week at camp.

Q:Counselor Requests
A:Sometimes a return camper will request a certain counselor. Because our counselors are assigned on a random basis, rotating each week, it is not possible to honor those requests. This is a perfect opportunity for your camper to get to know someone new!

A:One-way emails are available for purchase in blocks of 5 for $5. You may purchase and send the emails by logging in to your account (The account under which your camper is registered for camp). The one-way emails can be sent through the “email a camper” link Monday through Thursday each week. Please understand that printing and distributing email is a labor-intensive activity for our staff. We ask that you send no more than one email per day. And while emails are nice, campers actually are more excited about “snail mail!” The emails will be delivered daily, Monday-Friday, to your camper. Email submissions will not be accepted after 12:00pm Friday.

Q:Food Service
A:Campers enjoy three healthy meals each day during camp. Meals served are vegetarian, but do include eggs, cheese and milk. Common meals may include macaroni and cheese, pizza, spaghetti, bean and cheese burritos and the like. Nutritional balance is always considered and special requests for allergies can be accommodated. Please note any food allergies or dietary restrictions when registering for camp. Also, food allergies and dietary restrictions should be listed on the camper’s health history form.

Q:Lost & Found
A:Lost and found items are eventually returned to our business office in Gladstone at 19800 Oatfield Road, Gladstone, OR 97027-2546. You can contact our Gladstone office at (503) 850-3583 to see if we have your lost item. The best policy is to simply check to make sure you have picked up ALL of your camper’s belongings when you pick him/her up from Big Lake Youth Camp. All unclaimed items are kept until August and are then donated. BIG LAKE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST ITEMS.

Please make sure to write your camper's name on everything they pack for camp.

Q:Medical Assistance
A:Big Lake has an RN on site and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all medical needs. We also have a physician present at camp. Our nurse cares for the distribution of medications at each meal. It is very important that your camper’s health history form is filled out only within-in one week of your camper attending camp. This is to ensure that our trained medical staff are able to administer any needed medicine or care to your camper. Some examples of common medicines that parents grant permission to use are Tylenol, decongestants and vitamin C.

Q:Multiple Family Registrations
A:Signing up multiple family members from the same household on one account works great. However, if a single account is used to register campers from different households, it can be challenging of making sure the mail and/or email from us arrives at the correct address. If you sign up three children from three families on your account, you will be the person receiving all the mail for all three children.

Q:Multiple Weeks at Camp
A:As long as it is age appropriate for your child, we do accept requests for campers to stay multiple weeks. Big Lake’s program is not designed for multiple weeks, however, because our program repeats each week. It works well for teen campers to pair a week of REG Camp and a week of off-site RAD camp. Free laundry service is provided for campers staying more than one week.

Q:Packing: What NOT to Bring
A:Please do not bring cell phones, IPods, MP3 players, etc. We like our campers to focus on building relationships with new friends rather than isolating themselves with headphones in the corner. Due to safety and security issues we request that jewelry be left at home. Fireworks, matches, lighters, flames of all kinds, are banned during the summer months. Drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, knives, utility tools, and weapons of any kind are not allowed.

Q:Packing: What TO bring
A:Sleeping bag, pillow, everyday clothes, underwear, long pants/jeans, sweater/jacket, pajamas, closed toe shoes & socks, flip flops for the shower, modest swimsuit (no 2 pieces), beach towel, shower towel & washcloth, soap, shampoo/conditioner, comb/brush, toothbrush & toothpaste, sunscreen, water bottle, insect repellent, laundry bag, Bible, flashlight, store money (suggest $25-$80), camera. PLEASE WRITE YOUR CAMPER'S NAME ON ALL PACKED ITEMS.

A:Yes, we have a photo gallery! You may view the photo gallery by logging in to your UltraCamp Account (The account under which your camper is registered for camp). If you do not remember your username and password please DO NOT set up a new account, simply contact our business office at (503) 850-3583 and we can reset your information for you. You are only able to view Big Lake photos for the session your child is registered for, so you need to use the account under which your camper is registered. If you experience difficulties please contact our office and someone will assist you. We do try and post photos several times during each week of camp. Our location in the wilderness requires us to use satellite internet connections and we experience frequent uploading and service interruptions. We appreciate your understanding that camp communication is a higher priority than our photo gallery. Please don’t expect any pictures until at least Monday or Tuesday evening, and maybe as late as Tuesday afternoon. We will try to include a wide variety of photos to show you what camp is like. At some point (and it may even be the week following your camper’s time at Big Lake) we will upload photos in high resolution for you to purchase and download. If our uploading difficulties continue for very long we will post a message on the photo gallery page.

Q:Refund Policy
A:Refunds, less a $75 processing fee, will be given until midnight 14 days prior to camp. If cancelation request is made within 14 days prior to camp a, 50% refund will be issued on camp and rental fees.

Q:Visitation Days
A:We appreciate your interest in Big Lake. We invite you to visit on opening and closing days of camp. Should you desire or need to take a camper from camp early, arrangements must be made with the camp office. Advance notice will enable us to have your camper ready for your arrival. Feel free to join us on Saturdays for a spectacular Sabbath program.

Q:Weather at Camp:
A:Summer days are warm and nights are delightfully cool. Trees provide shade for our camp, nestled right on the shore of Big Lake.

Q:Week in Review Digital Video
A:For $10 you may order a "week in review" video featuring highlights from the week your camper was at camp. Online video purchases can be made during the online registration process. If you need assistance ordering the online video, please contact the Big Lake office.


Q:Bus Schedule
A:A complete bus schedule is posted on the website at

Q:Check-In and Pick-Up at Big Lake:
A:Check-in time for campers being dropped off AT Big Lake Youth Camp is from 3:00pm-4:00pm. Please do not arrive before 3:00pm so our staff has adequate time to prepare for the new group of arriving campers. Check-out time for campers being picked up from one of our Sunday-Sunday camps, is from 9:00am-9:30am. If you are delayed and arrive at camp after 10:00am to pick your camper up, please head to the baseball field located to the left of the parking lot as you enter camp, and you can pick your camper up there. Because your child’s safety is our priority, our policy is for campers to leave by the same means they arrived, unless other arrangements are previously made. When being picked up from Big Lake, campers will only be released to persons listed on their approved alternate pick-up list on your online account. Any individual picking up a camper will be required to show ID before the camper can be released into their care. This check-out process is for your camper’s safety.

If you are picking up your camper from one of our Sunday-Friday camps, pick up time is at 2 p.m.


Q:Scholarship & Financial Help
A:Big Lake Youth Camp's Campership Fund was established and is maintained by donations from campers, parents, and other interested persons who want to see every child have an opportunity to attend Big Lake Youth Camp. Those who qualify to receive a Campership Scholarship can attend one of our REG/RAD Camps or Adventure Camp for a discounted price. Scholarship funds are distributed on a first come, first served basis to those who qualify until the fund is used up for the current camping season. To apply for funds, simply register your camper, making sure to check the box "Yes" when asking if you are needing Campership Funds to attend camp. We will asses your need after you fill out some specific financial questions and we receive a recommendation from a pastor or teacher who is aware of your family's need. (You will need to have this person's email address available when filling out your camper's application as you will send the recommendation form directly from the registration page.) We will then notify you if you qualify for scholarship funds.


Q:Left-over money
A:Near the end of your camper's stay with us, they are told about a special fund called, Campership. This fund helps children in need of financial assistance attend camp. Campers are asked if they would like to donate any unused store monies to this assistance fund. If you do not wish your camper to donate to this fund, please have a conversation with them, letting them know your desire. This is also a great conversation to have if your child is being sponsored to attend camp and someone else has or will add money to their store account as the donor may with those monies returned.

Q:Store Merchandise
A:Kids always enjoy picking out items from the store. With the help of the friendly staff at the Big Lake Mall, your campers have the opportunity to buy items that help them remember their fun-filled week at camp. They will find a wide variety of items from water bottles, t-shirts and key chains to books and stuffed animals. Many items have the Big Lake logo printed on them! There are also snack items available for purchase.

26435 Big Lake Rd • Sisters • OR • 97759 • (503) 850-3583