Frequently Asked Questions

FCS Summer Camp General Information

Q:2022 FCS Summer Camp Main Website
A:Please see the official FCS Summer Camp page for the most up-to-date information regarding our camp policies.

General Questions

Q:What ages do you allow at FCS Summer Camp?
A:FCS Summer Camp offers camps for children ages 3 ½ through 8th grade. We also have a separate program for high schoolers, particularly FCS Alumni, called Counselor-in-Training (CIT).

We generally divide campers into “Little Explorers” for ages 3 ½ - 4, those entering grades K-2, those entering grades 3-5, and those entering grades 5-8.

CITs are assigned to a camp for the week that they are attending, participate in projects, play with younger campers, and help the camp teachers and assistant teachers as needed. They will be under the care of their camp teacher at all times like a regular camp. In the afternoons, CITs will meet with the Camp Director for job training-related skills such as researching, writing resumes, and attending interviews.

Q:Who teaches at FCS Summer Camp?
A:All teachers at FCS Summer Camp have at least a Bachelor’s degree and teaching experience. Many of our teachers work at FCS during the school year, and others come from local public and private schools.

Our assistant counselors are all over the age of 18; many are current college students. Occasionally, teachers or adults with childcare experience may fill this position as well. All teachers and staff must pass an FBI and Maryland state background check.

Q:Does FCS Summer Camp offer any swimming or field trips?
A:Campers at FCS Summer Camp do not participate in any swimming activities while at camp. Although some teachers lead nature walks close to our campus, we do not take campers on any field trips.

Q:What time does camp begin and end?
A:The day at FCS Summer Camp begins at 8:30-9:00 AM with a staggered arrival and ends at 3:00 PM. Extended Day operates between 3:00-6:00 PM.

Q:What is Ultracamp?
A:UltraCamp is a database system that is used by many camps across the country. It is designed to streamline the registration and record-keeping processes of other camp programs just like ours.

Each account is specific to a particular camp and is designed to be a household account. All paperwork is securely hosted inside the UltraCamp account.

Registration Questions

Q:How do I log in or make an account?
A:To the right of this page, please click on the “Ultracamp Registration” link. This will take you straight to our UltraCamp website.

To access registration and account management features, you must first create an account. If you already have an account from attending in previous years, you may access it by entering your username and password.

After registering/logging in, you will need to create a username and password, which allows parents/guardians to securely fill out forms, view sessions with open spaces, see account balances, make payments, add campers, authorize pickups, and more!

Q:What if I forgot my username/password?
A:Click on the “Forgot your login information?” link and fill in your email address and security code. Your login information will be automatically sent to you.

If you still need assistance, please contact

Q:How do I add my child and other family members?
A:When you log into your account, check out My Account > Overview page to see your contact information, account members, and pickup authorization.

Click on the [+Add Person] button, and follow the steps!

Q:How can I add Authorized Pick-ups?
A:Please see our Summer Camp Guide to Procare in our Document Center for more information on how to add Authorized Pick-ups for daily pickup.

The “Pickup Authorization” section is where you can designate account members over the age of 18 to also be able to pick up all of the underage campers in the event of an emergency.

For the safety of the camper, Friends Community School Summer Camp representatives may ask any of the individuals listed above to verify their identity by showing an official photo ID (driver’s license, ID card, current passport, etc.) prior to releasing the camper.

We will only release campers to the persons listed in this section or the Procare App Authorized Pick-up list, but if there are circumstances in which there is someone specific who should not be allowed to pick up your child under any circumstance, please contact the Camp Director.

Q:How do I sign up for a camp?
A:If you want to browse everything that is being offered this summer, you can click on the Reservation menu link then [Explore Sessions].

If you want to see only reservations that are available for a specific camper, click on [New Reservation] on that same page, then the camper you wish to register.

Please note that non-refundable fees ($100 per camp, $25 for Ex-Day) are required at the time of reservation. The balance is due 2 weeks before the session’s start date alongside other camper and medical forms.

Q:What discounts are available?
A:FCS Summer Camp offers discounts based on multi-week registrations. If an account has three or more sessions registered, the system will automatically apply $20 off per session. This number can be reached with multiple registrations for a single child or with multiple sibling registrations.

Multi-week (3+ camps): $20 off per session

Q:What else do I get when I register?
A:In addition to an awesome and fun-filled camp experience, every camper gets an FCS Summer Camp T-shirt! They will also receive a tote bag to carry all of their camp gear home!

Q:The camp I want to register for is full!
A:Ultracamp has a great built-in waiting list function. If you see a reservation that has filled up, you can still go through the same process of registering for it. Instead of a regular reservation with a deposit, you’ll add your camper’s name to the waiting list.

When there is space on the waiting list, you will be notified of the opportunity to finish the reservation.

Q:What forms do I need for camp?
A:Friends Community School Summer Camp follows Maryland state regulations regarding health policies and medication administration. In addition to health forms, we ask for some information to help us best meet your child’s needs at our camp. You can find all of these in the “Document Center” of our Ultracamp website.

New in 2022! All Regular Camp forms are now entirely digital.
Regular Camp Forms:
Camper Profile 2022
Camper Health History 2022
Medication & Health Policy 2022
Parental Consent Forms 2022

Documents to Upload:
Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination
Negative COVID-19 Test (as scheduled)
Other Medical Forms (As needed and upload required):
G - Medication Order
H - Allergy Action Plan
I - Physicians Authorization
J - Immunization Certificate - DHMH 896

Other Digital Forms:
Archery Waiver
Summer Responsible Use of Technology Agreement
Virtual @Home Addendum

Practical Questions

Q:What if my child takes medications?
A:Please only send medication for FCS Summer Camp if it is absolutely necessary. All medication needs to be processed by our delegating nurse during camp hours.

We would suggest that campers take medications before/after camp whenever possible. We cannot administer any medication without the required forms, including the time to have them processed by the delegating nurse. Please plan in advance as much as possible.

Families can submit necessary medications using the required documents (G-I) by 2 weeks before a session starts. All medical records are securely uploaded into the Ultracamp system, anonymized, and are only accessible to camp administrators.

Q:What if my camper has a serious allergy?
A:Parents must note any allergies, including a serious food allergy, on their child’s medical history form. Medications such as an antihistamine or EpiPen require a Medication Order Form signed by a physician. When you come to camp on the first day of the session, bring the medication with you in the original box with your child’s name on it.

FCS Summer Camp is not a nut-free campus. Due to COVID-19 health and safety protocols, campers will have separate standalone desks or seating areas that would minimize any risks of food cross-contamination. Campers and staff all wash their hands before and after lunch to help protect those with serious food allergies.

There are two certified medical technicians (CMTs) on campus during regular camp hours, as well as teachers and assistant teachers with training on how to administer emergency medications.