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Camp Forms Required for ALL Campers
Camper Health History (2022)
This form will collect information about your child's health history. If your child requires medication, please submit the Medication Order Forms found in the document center.
Camper Profile (2022)
This form contains questions about your child that would allow our teachers to get to know them before they arrive.
Medication and Health Policy (2022)
This form contains important health policies that we are asking families to acknowledge.
Parental Consent Forms (2022)
This form contains consent forms for medical treatment, sunscreen/insect repellent application, and photography/media usage.
Camp-specific Forms
Archery Waiver (2022)
Waiver required for all Archery courses. Archery is taught to grades 3-8. Crossbow is an additional discipline that is taught to grades 6-8.
Summer Responsible Use of Technology Agreement (2022)
This form includes policies regarding technology for camps that require the use of computers.
Virtual @Home Addendum to the Responsible Use of Technology Agreement (2022)
This is an addendum to our Responsible Use of Technology Agreement that is required for campers attending Virtual @Home sessions.
COVID-19 Test Results
Health Forms Required for ALL Campers
Health Forms Required for SOME Campers
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