Frequently Asked Questions

Bring A Friend Discount

Q:When will the Bring A Friend Discount be applied to my account?
A:The Bring A Friend Discount has to be manually verified and entered by the Ponderosa Staff.
This is an ongoing process for our staff. You should see your discount reflected in your account at least 1 week before your arrival (unless you registered less than 1 week prior to your camp date).
If you do not see your discount in your account at approximately 7 days prior to your arrival, please feel free to email our office to inquire about your discount.

Reminders about Rules and Qualifications:
1. Please remember, to qualify for this discount, your friend must be new to Ponderosa, having never attended a retreat or week of summer camp. (This will be verified by our staff).
2. Please remember, that two new campers cannot claim each other, however, you can split the difference and receive $12.50 each.
3. You cannot claim a Sibling Discount and the Bring A Friend Discount for a sibling. If you are registering 3 or more children you will automatically receive a $25 for the third child and each additional after the third child.
4. You cannot claim a friend if they are receiving Financial Aid or other scholarships from PBC.
5. Church Group Accounts cannot claim the Bring A Friend Discount. They will automatically receive the $25 discount for the each camper beginning with the third registered from your church account.

Please email our office if you have any questions.


Free T-shirt

Q:Do I qualify for a Free T-shirt
A:To qualify for a Free Summer Theme Camp T-shirt your balance must be paid-in-full by midnight on May 1.
If you are receiving Financial Aid or custom scholarships from Ponderosa you do NOT qualify for a Free T-shirt.
The only exception is for those who earned MBC Scholarships, Released Time Scholarships or Early Bird Discounts.
However, if you receive any additional discounts with your MBC, RT, or Early Bird, you do NOT qualify for a free T-shirt but you may purchase one from the Camp Store.

Roommate Request

Q:How do I request a roommate for my child?
A:To make a roommate request you will need to login to your Ponderosa Account, click on your child's name under "Account Members" and then go to the FORMS section at the bottom of their profile and click on "View/Edit" next to the form named "Roommate Request".
Edit it from there and any of the other forms that need updating.
Be sure to click SAVE when you are done editing.

The roommate you are requesting must also enter your child as their roommate request in order for us to honor your roommate request.