Frequently Asked Questions

Camp Registrations

Q:Are there scholarships?
A:Yes, we anticipate offering three $200 scholarships for the 2023 summer. You can find out more details at the Robin K. Fund page on our website.

This was not yet released for 2023 as of 1/30/2023.

Q:Can I transfer my camper to another session?
A:Yes. Any camper who is eligible for another session of camp may be transferred to another session of any camp type as long as there is space in the camp.

Any cost differences will result in either a refund or an additional payment. For example transferring from a LEGO Robotics camp to the Build Your Own Computer Camp would result in the additional expense of the more expensive camp.

There is no fee for transfers.

Program Questions

Q:Do the LEGO Robot campers get to keep their robots?
A:Alas, no they do not.
The LEGO MIndStorms kits we use cost around $400-450 each and we reuse them all summer. Campers build them, then take them apart at the end of the week for the next week of camp.

Q:What comes in the BYOCC Camp?
A:Each camper will receive all of the components to build a full functional computer.
- Computer case and power supply
- Motherboard and CPU (processor)
- Keyboard and mouse
- Monitor
- Solid state drive
- RAM (memory)
- All cables needed
- WIFI adapter to connect to the internet
- an older computer they can keep, we use it for initial training and may/may not survive the students first attempt at building a computer. Usually a Dell Optiplex.

Q:Why is the Build Your Own Computer Camp so expensive?
A:Well, first we don't think it is too expensive for a camp that comes with a fully working, modern computer for your camper to come home with. However, we do realize for many families it is expensive.

About 60-65% of the total is the cost of all the material that goes into building the computer. We do not mark anything up. The remaining 35-40% is what it actually costs to run the camp. Staff, training, our equipment costs, any travel associated with putting on the program, and the cost to prep for the camp.

Camp Registrations

Q:How can I pay for registrations?
A:Payment is accepted several ways:
1. You can pay online at the end of registration using a credit card or debit card.
2. If you have a gift certificate, you can also use that at checkout.
3. You can pay online using your bank account (ACH)
4. You can mail payment to the address indicated
5. If you have a PROMO CODE, you can also use that at checkout.

Q:Are there any discounts available?
1. If you register 2 or more children, you will receive a sibling discount.
2. If a child is registered for more than one week, they will receive a multi-week discount on each week.
3. Occasionally, we offer sales during the registration season. These are catch as catch can and cannot be retroactively applied.
4. There is a MAXIMUM discount per registration and that is $40/camper/week.