Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Issues

Q:Why does it say that I am not within the age/grade range for my trip?
A:COR sessions are not visible to the public on UltraCamp. This is because we offer many private courses to different groups, which we do not want to make visible to the general public. If you are on the Session Enrollment page and do not see anything, it is because you did not follow the direct link to your session. The only way that you can register for a COR course is by following the direct hyperlink to it. If you are enrolling multiple people for a COR course under the same account, you must exit UltraCamp and click on the link again to make the course available for the next person who you wish to enroll.

Paperwork Completion

Q:How can I see which forms I have completed?
A:To see forms for all account members:
- From your account home page, click on 'Forms'

To see forms for a particular person:
- From your account home page, click on the person's name, then click on 'Forms'

Registration Issues

Q:How do I see what gear I rented for my trip?
A:Sign back into your registration account.
If not already on the 'My Account' page, click the person icon next to the shopping cart in the upper right corner.
From the 'My Account' page, click on the participant's name.
Click 'My Forms'.
Click on 'Gear Reservation Form' to view the submitted responses.