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Concussion Protocol Plan
Houghton University Summer Athletic Camp Concussion Protocol In the unfortunate event a camper sustains, or is suspected to have sustained a head injury, the following protocol will be followed: • Camper will be removed immediately from any physical activity and evaluated by a Medical Professional (Certified Athletic Trainer, Nurse, EMT, etc.). • Coach/counselor of the camper will be informed that the camper will NOT return to physical activity. • Camp Director, Camp Medical Director, and Director of Conferences will be informed of the injury and that the camper will not be participating in physical activity for the rest of the camp. o Discussion will also take place regarding the severity of the signs/symptoms and a decision will be made if it’s safe for the camper to remain on campus, if they should be removed from camp or if further evaluation by medical personnel is necessary. • Camper’s parents/guardians will be contacted via phone to inform them of the injury and the steps that will be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of their child. • Camper will remain with their team, but may not participate in activities. • Camper is allowed to stay at camp, as long as the signs/symptoms diminish within the 24-hour window. If signs/symptoms last more than 24 hours, it will be recommended that the camper be removed from camp. • If signs/symptoms are severe on the SCAT 5 Grading Scale, then it will be recommended that the camper be removed from camp. • Camp counselor/coach will be responsible for bringing the camper to the Athletic Training Room to check in with the Certified Athletic Trainer(s) at every session to monitor signs/symptoms. o The AT(s) will update the Camp Director, Camp Medical Director, Director of Conference and parents. • A written report will be filed within a 24-hour period to the New York State Health Department regarding the injury if the camper has been referred to a hospital for medical treatment.
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