Refund Policy
In accordance with your contact, you agree to pay to Life Adventure Center agreed upon fees for services provided. These fees will be paid in full no later than two weeks before
your event date, unless otherwise specified by your contract or agreement.

You agree to pay these fees for each additional guest over the guaranteed minimum (listed in your agreement) for all items that are priced per person. These additional fee will be billed separately after the close of the event.

1. Change of Date Policy: In the event that we need to change the date of our event at Life Adventure Center we will do so at least 30 days in advance of our experience. Any change of date less than 30 days prior to your experience will be considered a cancellation (see cancellation policy below). A $25.00 change of date fee will be added to your final bill.

2. Cancellation: In the event that you need to cancel your reservation with Life Adventure Center, you will do so thirty days in advance of your experience or you will be required to meet your entire financial obligation. If Life Adventure Center is able to arrange a financially equivalent replacement for the group, we can expect all monies excluding the deposit to be refunded.

3. Weather-related Cancellations: You understand that Life Adventure Center has no control over the weather and that in nearly all weather (including rain
and snow), the programming may be held outside. Life Adventure Center is open in all weather unless the weather conditions are deemed to be dangerous by the Life Adventure Center Managers.

Severe weather may include but is not limited to:
Severe Cold: Less than 35 degrees Fahrenheit
Severe Heat: to be determined by weather advisory alerts
Cold Rain: Precipitation and less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit
Snow: Snowstorm affecting driving conditions
Ice: Ice affecting course and driving conditions
Wind: Tornado watches/warnings for Woodford County