Refund Policy
Standard Cancellation Policy

When you register, both you (and/or your group) and Living Water Ministries make commitments to each other. In turn, Living Water Ministries makes commitments to vendors (food service, staffing, etc). As a result, the entirety of the registration fee for summer programs will not be refunded if cancellation occurs within a month of the expected arrival date. In addition, the registration fee for our hotel-based events is non-refundable. Exceptions to this policy in the event of illness or death are listed below under “When Are Refunds Provided?”

Are Fees Transferrable?
Fees are transferable on a case by case basis. It is preferable if you can replace the person(s) cancelling their registration.

When Are Refunds Provided?
In instances of illness afflicting the participant, or a death in the immediate family a full refund is possible. Immediate family is defined as spouse, parent, child, sibling, spouse’s parent, grandparent, or grandchild. In the instance of illness, written documentation from a physician must be provided to receive a full refund.