Teen Camp II & Specialty Camps
7/15/2018 - 7/22/2018
Ages 14 - 17
Registration for this session is no longer available
This week campers can choose from:

Teen Camp II: Summer Camp provides a full camp experience filled with fun, friendships and tons of excitement. Campers will remain onsite for the week and will be able to enjoy every activity that camp has to offer. Everyday at camp participants will sign up for five (5) activity periods daily.

Teen Specialty Camp: gives every camper the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of a particular activity. They will have the chance to participate in one camp of their choice, and be a part of that camp for the week, however, to help all of our campers enjoy all Camp Akita has to offer, each camper will have the ability to have a "free period" each day in which they can participate in a different activity outside their respective "camp".
Available Options:
Teen Camp II & Specialty Camp Options
Teen Camp II
Aquatics Camp
Want to get your Lifeguarding Certificate? This camp might just be for you! Come join our Lifeguards as they show you what it's like to guard as a lakefront Lifeguard, and then help you work towards getting your Lifeguarding Certificate at the end of the week!
Drama Camp
Save the drama for the stage! Come learn what it means to be a Thespian! Join your fellow actors and actresses as you engage in acting exercises, play writing, and so much more!
Fine Arts Camp
Arts and Crafts. Photography. Videography. You can do it all in this camp! Join our Photography, Videography, and Arts & Crafts Instructors as they teach you about all the Fine Arts Summer Camp can provide. From painting to video editing, there is something for you! Be sure to bring your cameras, and external devices as you will need them to fully enjoy this experience!
Music Camp
Calling all newbies, seasoned musicians, producers, and audio engineers! Come join us as we tap into the world of music! Whether you want to learn a new instrument, practice the ones you already play, or learn how to mix and master tracks, there is something for everyone!
Nature & Wilderness Survival Camp
Want to fine tune your wilderness survival skills? Come join our team as they challenge you on our High Adventure features, teach you about edible wild plants, and so much more!
Sports Camp
Hit the court with our Coaches as we practice, drill, and scrimmage our way to becoming All-Star athletes! Our Coaches are ready and waiting to teach you how to play your favorite sports! Through drills, plays, and scrimmages, you'll be dribbling, passing, setting, and hitting your way to the top!
Wrangler Camp
Want to become fast friends with your favorite horse? You may not bet a cowboy, but you can still experience what it's like to be a horse whisperer! Through practical daily instruction, girls and boys alike will learn the fundamentals of feeding, watering and handling a horse. With the combination of qualified staff, and experienced horses, campers will quickly gain confidence and increase their understanding of riding. You'll be able to call yourself a Wrangler in no time!
AmountDiscount NameDescription
Adventist Health Systems EmployeesIf you work for the Adventist Health Systems you will receive this discount.
$40.00Seventh-day Adventist DiscountDiscount for SDA members. For Family Camp is $20 and it's applied per family. For Youth Camps it's $40 per camper.
$50.00Synergy/Adv Fun day DiscountIf you were at our 2020 Pathfinder Synergy OR our 2020 Adv. Fun Day, you qualify for $50 off your Summer Camp registration fees.
$20.00Multiple ChildrenReceive $20 for each additional children in same family attending camp.
$25.00Second WeekReceive $25 for your second week of camp
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