Kindergarten Human Animal Kung Fu - Winter
Human Animal Kung Fu builds virtue and good character, strong athletes with proper body mechanics, whole body strength, flexibility, and coordination. Learn self-defense skills that prevent bullying and build real confidence. Master the lessons of the Kung Fu Animals with vigorous workouts that train the mind, and the body. Each Animal Includes 4 parts; the Virtue Lesson, Body Mechanics Lesson, Animal Drills to master the body mechanic, and Animal Moves that are the self-defense techniques. After we study each animal, then you'll earn a cool animal patch for your uniform.

Nonrefundable Fees:
$50 for cancellations after registration close date
$80 for cancellations after first class
$110 for cancellations after second class
No refunds issued after third class
Fridays Jan 19 - March 22
1:45 PM - 2:30 PM
Grade Kindergarten
Registration is no longer available