Kindergarten Yoga - Winter
Now, more than ever, kids need to take time to breathe, move their bodies, and relax. Kids will thrive off of the energy we create in class by focusing on different breathing techniques, moving and balancing in yoga poses, and learning how to relax and let it all go. There are many moments of quiet in each class, but we also incorporate lots of activities to keep students engaged and help them get out their energy. Each class has a theme - some examples are love, being thankful, respect, being mindful, peace, family, gratitude, etc. I often tie the themes into current holidays which gives the kids something they can relate to in real time. We will play a game or have an activity during each class that varies from Freeze Dance, yoga games, doing a relaxing art project, or reading a book that pairs back to our theme/yoga poses. At the end of each class, the kids look forward to relaxing on a cloud, breathing, and finding a way to calm their bodies. Many parents tell me that their kids come home showing them new yoga poses they learned that day in class!

Nonrefundable Fees:
$50 for cancellations after registration close date
$80 for cancellations after first class
$110 for cancellations after second class
No refunds issued after third class
Fridays Jan 19 - March 22 *No class 3/8*
1:45 PM - 2:30 PM
Grade Kindergarten
Registration is no longer available