*NEW* HanZi Mandarin - Winter
Annchi Lee has 10+ years of second language teaching experience with preschoolers, school-aged children and adults in the community. Ann currently teaches adult beginner and intermediate Mandarin classes in the Marin Chinese Cultural Association. In her spare time, Ann enjoys soaking in the sun and working in her lovely garden. Ann says, "blooming flowers are like the achievement of students, and they are all my pride and joy."

Learning Chinese characters, known as HànZì (汉字), comes easy when practice is fun. In this course, students are invited to immerse themselves in this nine-week long Chinese word art exploration, including:

1. Words of plants on a paper illuminator
2. Print your Chinese name with a foam board
3. Chinese calligraphy on New Year couplets
4. Exploring words that have the same mirror images with lego printing
5. Knowing pictography words by making a Chinese zodiac wheel
6. Handkerchief word embroidery
7. Chinese paper doll
8. Making a bamboo scroll for easy word radicals
9. Chinese pastry with word stamps, or Mung bean cake with Chinese
word molds

Join us!
Thursdays Jan 18 - March 21
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Grades 2nd - 5th
Registration is no longer available