K Little Spikers - Winter
Little Spikers introduces volleyball to Kindergarteners in an age-appropriate way as they develop their balance and coordination. This course uses soft balls to teach basic volleyball skills such as passing, setting and a proper arm swing. All this, along with mats to practice jumping and tumbling, are the stepping stones for spiking and diving for a moving ball in later years. The emphasis of this course is on moving our bodies, trying new things, and having fun!

Lynn Stein is a local Marin mom and the founder of Sparks of Marin Volleyball. She currently coaches at The Branson School in Ross. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley, where she was a member of the Women's Division I Intercollegiate Volleyball Team.
Tuesdays Jan 9 - March 19
2:30 PM - 3:15 PM
Grade Kindergarten
Registration is no longer available