ICC MAIN CENTER SUMMER CAMPS 2024-NeoRobotics Computer Vision (Week 2) & Art & Crafts Camp

In this course, students learn how to use image processing techniques and develop simple applications in Python (OpenCV), and apply them to real-life computer vision applications.
They shall use Raspberry Pi and its camera as the platform.

1. Fundamentals: Students would know concepts such as variables, expressions, how to input and generate outputs from Python programs. Students shall use a browser-based coding environment.
2. Beyond Basics: Students would learn how to bring in modularity by using subroutines and modules, and loops which they would use to write more complex programs and make simple games. They shall transition to a Raspberry PI-based system at the end of week 1.

3. Computer Vision Basics: Students would learn how to connect the camera, view the image and do simple image interactions with OpenCV.
They would build applications that,
a. Display the image on screen
b. Develop a simple Camera application
c. Apply simple filters
4. Sensing the world: Students would use some common image recognition libraries and build fun programs around it. The course would not go into training image recognition models but would be focused on using them. Students shall have fun by building applications such as,
a. Counting the number of people
b. Building a smile detector
c. Building a frown detector

Device Requirements
We encourage students to bring their own laptops with a keyboard. An Internet connection would be needed to access the programming environment. We shall provide kits in class for shared use.

Please note: This camp will be taking place twice during our Summer Camps (Week 1 & Week 2). However, both weeks are mutually exclusive. Should you choose to enroll only in Week 2, Week 1’s recap will be done before beginning Week 2’s session. Week 2’s curriculum is not dependent on Week 1.


Kids will be creating multiple art projects.
From Acrylic painting and clay art on canvas to embellishing and giving the final touch - completing a piece of art on a blank canvas from scratch is an accomplishment children feel proud of. Every child loves artwork, it makes them happy. Painting can be very therapeutic through color mixing and brushing on canvas. At the same time, working with clay brings great motor skills.
Kids can feel a great sense of accomplishment after completing the art project. See happy and content children with beautiful artwork to take home from this camp!
ICC, 525 Los Coches Street, Milpitas
6/24/2024 - 6/28/2024
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Ages 9 - 12
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