ICC MAIN CENTER SUMMER CAMPS 2024 -Agastya STEM & Artificial Intelligence Coding Camp

SCIENCE CARNIVAL - A Summer of Scientific Wonders

(9:00 AM - 12:00 PM)

Children will learn about the simple science behind everyday sights and experiences fostering curiosity, creativity, and scientific exploration among them using STEM and its four closely connected areas of study: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The fields are often associated due to the similarities that they share both in theory and practice. With this in mind, children will indulge in different activities with a different theme on each day of STEM Week.

Some of the themes and activities would be as follows:
Optics - Ray Pad Simulation, Pin Hole Camera, Magic Box, Kaleidoscope
Sound - Straw Flute, Wave Model, Water Xylophone, Mouth Organ
Electricity - Static Electricity, Simple Motor, Magic Light, Electromagnet
Env Science - Water Cycle, Food Pyramid & Chain, Transpiration Model
Dynamics - Newton's Car, Coupled Pendulum, Centrifugal Force


OPTICAL ILLUSIONS: Your eyes can play tricks on you! Learn about the mind-bending world of optical illusions
BIRD IN A CAGE: Experience the illusion of motion and persistence of vision.


 MAGIC BOX: Light can dazzle and reflect in fun ways. Explore the enchanting world of mirrors and symmetry in this session.
 INFINITY ROADS: Can you imagine looking at a road that goes on forever and ever?


AI is all around us! Self-driving cars, Alexa, and chatbots just to name a few. Let your child explore the world of Artificial Intelligence and computer programming. Learning about AI encourages problem solving, broadens kids’ view of what technology can do, and satisfies their curiosity. In this camp, students will learn what AI is. They will use machine learning models in Scratch projects to make dynamic and challenging games. The programming fundamentals such as variables, loops, conditionals will be taught using a block-based programming language in Scratch. Absolute beginners to experienced, all levels are welcome.
Note: Bring your own laptop or tablet. We will provide a laptop if you are unable to bring one.

ICC, 525 Los Coches Street, Milpitas
6/10/2024 - 6/14/2024
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Ages 7 - 10
This session has openings
Registration will end on 6/8/2024 at 11:59 PM.
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