Water skiing, horseback riding, rock climbing, drama, and many more are just waiting to be experienced. Enjoy a great week of activities, games, friendship, and Christ-centered programming! Truly an experience of a lifetime!
10375 Retreat Way, Hagerstown MD
6/30/2024 - 7/7/2024
Ages 10 - 12
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Registration will end on 6/26/2024.
Always a popular sport at any age. Campers will first learn valuable safety tips and discover how to use the bow correctly to increase their accuracy. There is a real sense of achievement the closer you get to the mark.
Arts & Crafts
Activity -a variety of different Art and Craft Projects.
Shooting, dribbling, passing, and defense. This class will teach these skills along with learning about fairplay and the rules of the game. Take this class if you want to become a better and more complete basketball player.
Cooking Around the World
We are excited to introduce our updated cooking class. In this class students will learn: - various safety procedures when using cooking equipment (oven, knives, blenders, ect.) - how to make various simple recipes such as breads, cakes, shakes, dressings, salsa, and many more - Biblical/life values Students will also have time to enjoy eating the food they’ve made. Your child will learn about a new culture each day and cook food from that country.
Flag Football
Model Rocketry
Your child will spend the week building a rocket that they will have a chance to "blast off" at the end! They will also different types of models and basic terminology.
Mountain Biking for Junior Campers
Experiance the variety of trails and terrain surrounding our camp. Each biker will learn to properly care for their bike while understanding very important safety details. Our instructors will challenge campers to master banks, bumps, and curves. Each camper can bring their own mountain bike. Please make sure the bike is in good working condition and that a helmet be worn at all times. (Camp has helmets.)
Native American and Pioneer Village
Nature Discovery
Through our Nature Discovery class our goal is to get campers directly involved by using their hands, feet, and minds to discover the wonders of Creation. In this class we will explore the hidden lives of plants and animals, explore forests, streams, meadows, and ponds. Through hands-on learning experiences we will also become familiar with caring for our many resident animals, use field guides to identify plants, discover what lives in the various ecosystems around camp, and have opportunity to participate in over night camp out.
Pool Recreation
Pool recreation is a refreshing and relaxing way to beat the heat. Certified instructors and life guards will supervise while each swimmer can enjoy our diving boards, basketball hoop, beach balls and much more. **This is not a class where skills are learned.
Rock Climbing
This is a fun and exciting class that introduces campers to the exhilarating joy of rock climbing. They will climb the 50ft climbing wall thats on camp, as well as the 350 ft rock climbing wall! Campers will take trips to local rock faces in the surrounding areas.
Swimming is a refreshing way to beat the heat and sharpen your skills. Certified instructors will teach several different levels. Each swimmer will take swimming tests to determine which level best fits their comfort level. When you're not learning new techniques, enjoy our diving boards, basketball hoop, beach balls and much more.
Chesapeake SDA Member
Must be a member of a Chesapeake Conference Church. ($50 max total discount)