Frequently Asked Questions


A:Opportunities are available for any young person who wants to be baptized by immersion into the family of God and the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This baptism would be in complete cooperation with Parents or Legal Guardians. We have caring, trained staff that would study basic Bible truths with each camper. A decision for baptism would depend on the "readiness" of each camper. Arrangements can be made to have family and specific pastors involved in this incredible event.

A:We have an online system for requesting cabinmates. There are typically 6-8 campers in a cabin. Campers who request a cabinmate must also be requested by the cabinmate, in order to be in the same cabin. Groups larger than 2 are first come, first filled. Our philosophy is to balance the opportunity to meet new people with the comfort of being with friends. So, we do honor cabinmate requests, but our policy tries to make sure that no more than half of the campers in a cabin know each other before they arrive to camp. Campers who are not coming with friends are grouped into cabins with at least two other campers who are also not coming with friends.

Q:Camp Scholarship Donations
A:There are many young people who would love the opportunity to go to summer camp, but may not have the funds to attend. Mt Aetna Camp has a scholarship program to assist families who qualify for financial assistance. For more information, please call 301-824-2729 or email: Your financial contribution to this program is greatly appreciated. All donors will receive a tax deductible contribution receipt. Thank you on behalf of the kids.

Q:Camp Store
A:Mount Aetna Camp has a store for refreshments, snacks, camp shirts, and souvenirs. It is recommended that your child keep his/her spending money in the camp bank for safekeeping. All money left in the account, $5 and under, will be donated to the Scholarship Fund. All other camp store monies will be refunded if requested in writing, after August 31st. PLEASE NOTE: Money cannot be removed from the account to take to Skate Night or any Field Trips.

Q:Cell Phones and Phones Calls
A:Q: Cell Phones
A: Mount Aetna Camp has a no cell phone policy. In order to participate in the full experience of summer camp, we are asking parents to not allow campers to bring cell phones or electronic devices that may be lost or damaged. Our camp staff wants to ensure that campers receive a total blessing and is committed to their spiritual growth and safety.

Q: Phone Calls
A: Due to the large number of campers and the disruption to the camper's schedule, we ask that calls to campers be limited to emergencies only! In case of such an emergency, the camp phone number is 301-824-2729.

Q:Check In/Out Times
A:Check in will be held Sundays from 2:00-4:00 p.m. at the White Pine Lodge (cafeteria) for all campers. Please note that there we do not open the camp gates prior to 2:00 pm. Check in can take over an hour and there can be lines, so please plan accordingly. If you plan to arrive later than this time please notify us in advance to make arrangements.

Check out is held on Sundays from 9:00 am-11:00 am at the bottom of the White Pine Lodge (cafeteria). For the safety of your child, it is required that you show a photo ID to pick up your child. In addition, please be sure the name of the person that is picking up your child is on the camp account as an authorized pick up prior to arrival.

If you need to pick up a child, but also need to drop off another child for the following week, we ask that you call or email us to arrange pick up at 2:00 pm instead of 9-11 am in order to go through registration/drop off with the other child. This will save time and frequency of trips.

Children staying for multiple weeks do not need to go through a registration process each week. We will take care of their laundry and they will be supervised and cared for during the transition.

Q:Food Service
A:At Mount Aetna Camp we are dedicated to serving a healthy, balanced diet. Our camp serves a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. Animal/fish meats are not served at our camp. If your camper has any special dietary needs or food allergies, please share those details when arriving to camp with the camp nurse. If you have any questions or concerns regarding dietary needs please contact the Food Service Dept at (301) 824-3149.

Q:Lost and Found
A:A "lost and found" is maintained at the camp office throughout the summer. Please call (301) 824-2729 or email the camp office ( as soon as items are discovered lost. All items not claimed by August 15th will be donated to charity. Please write your child's name on their personal items. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please do not send expensive clothing or valuable items to camp.

Q:Mail/ Emails
A:Campers love to receive letters and packages from home! Please send them early in the week to ensure that they will arrive on time.

Our address is:
Mt Aetna Summer Camp
Attn: (your child's name)
21905 Mt Aetna Road
Hagerstown, MD 21742.

Campers also love to receive emails.Please write the camper’s name on the subject heading and send your email to:
Emails will be printed and distributed once daily by 5 pm.
Emails received after 4 pm will be distributed the next day.
Please do not send pictures as these will not be printed.
Please note that some emails will go directly to spam if they contain attachments and may be missed.
If you need to send an important message to your child please email this directly to the office manager or call the camp office to ensure the child receives the message.
Campers do not have access to computers to respond to emails.

Q:Medical Attention
A:A camp nurse (RN) is on duty 24 hours a day to take care of minor ailments, necessary medications, and emergencies. Please be aware that all campers will receive a lice check and a basic health screening to determine their level of fitness for the overall safety of the campers. This is performed at check in, prior to being assigned to a cabin. During camp, the Parent or Guardian will be notified if their child has an illness or sustained an injury that cannot be cared for with Basic First Aid, as well as if the injury or illness causes the child to be unable to participate in physical activities. If parents would like to be notified about basic injuries such as: small cuts, scrapes, small bumps or bruises, or temporary illnesses, parents can call our Camp Nurse at (301) 824-2729 and this information will be provided.

Q:Packing List
Bible, Light Summer Clothing, Jeans, Sandals, Sneakers and Socks, Underwear, Pajamas, Rain Gear, Modest one-piece bathing suit, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Soap, Comb / Brush, Towel and Washcloth, Insect Repellent, Sunscreen, Flashlight and Batteries, Light Jacket or Sweater, Pillow, Sleeping Bag or Twin Fitted Sheet and Thin Blanket, Laundry Bag, Water bottles will be provided by us. Please write your child's name on the clothing and on personal items.

No Immodest Clothing, Jewelry, Knives, Guns, Ammunition, Fireworks, Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, Cell Phones, I-pods, MP3 players, Laptops, I-pads, Tablets, Radios, Gameboys, Valuables, Skateboards, Animals or Pets. If any of these are found in a camper’s possession, the Parent or Guardian will be notified and these items will be placed in the camp office for safe keeping and will be returned during check out or when leaving camp.
Please Note: Mt. Aetna Camp is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items.

A:There is a $50 non-refundable deposit that is required at the time your child’s application is processed. Please call or email at least 24-48 hrs in advance if you plan to cancel to receive a full refund. Once a camper has arrived at Mt. Aetna Camp, and the camper goes home early for any reason, there will be no refunds.

If you paid by check or cash, any refunds due will be mailed after August 31st. If you paid by credit card you will receive a refund within 48-72 hrs.

Q:Visitors and Events
A:For the safety of your children we operate a closed campus. If you would like to visit your child, please call our camp office at (301)-824-2729 and make arrangements prior to arriving to camp. When you arrive at camp, please stop by the summer camp office.

Families are invited to Skate Night: Thursday evening from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at:
Turner's Skate Palace
17333 Virginia Ave
Hagerstown, MD 21740

Families are invited to join us for Worship service at our new time of 11:45 a.m. at our new location, the bottom of the White Pine lodge followed by baptism at the camp pool. The camp gates will be open at 11:30 am.