May Earth Club
For children ages 9-12, this in-depth science, adventure, and play program builds skills needed to connect with nature on a deep level. The club devotes time to species identification, nature journaling, wildlife observation and tracking, measurement techniques, wild food foraging, survival strategies, and many other skills needed by every naturalist.

Play and adventure are also important at Earth Club! Naturalist Garth’s catalog of nature games is extensive, and playing these games will add additional skills such as moving silently and with stealth, teamwork, close observation, sensory focus, and more. As for adventure, Hidden Villa’s wild lands beg to be explored, and fresh discoveries may await around any curve of the trail!

Earth Club meets on Saturdays from 1-4pm. Registration for a session covers attendance to 4 club meetings.
Saturdays, May 4-25, 2024
Ages 9 - 12
$200 for four meetings
Registration is no longer available