Session One
Introducing The Summer of Roots and Boots:

This year’s summer camp will focus on the theme of Boots and Roots to highlight the relationships between humans and the natural world. In keeping with our camp’s five pillars, camper learning and fun will center around the following themes:

Rooted in Justice

Campers will learn the legacy of Frank and Josephine Duveneck and our camp’s history of social justice and environmental stewardship to create the next generation of change makers. Whether it’s a game, a timeline hike along the creek, or a play put on by our multi-talented camp staff, campers will have a fun-filled time!

Walk a mile through someone else’s roots

Campers will spend time getting to know their fellow campers and their camp counselors, with a special focus on understanding different perspectives and cultures. Campers will be immersed in a camp culture that aims to center race and class equity.

These boots are made for anyone

Campers will learn about gender roles, stereotypes, and how to break them! At Hidden Villa Summer Camp we introduce ourselves by including our pronouns and work to create gender-inclusive spaces that make trans and non-binary campers and staff feel welcome.

Feeling the ground beneath our boots

When we walk on the ground do we notice what lies beneath? At Hidden Villa Summer Camp we work with our campers to connect with the natural world beneath our boots and all around us.

Roots you can eat

Campers will put their hands in the dirt and learn and grow with us on our organic farm. Campers will support our working farm with daily farm chores and learn about food systems in our community and beyond.

Once at camp, our camper cohorts will work together to create their own group identities that will influence the fun they have at camp. We are excited to see our campers grow together as Courageous Carrots, Outrageous Onions, or Booming Beets. Which root will your camper relate to? We can’t wait to find out!
6/14/2021 - 6/25/2021
Grades 5th - 12th
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