Senior Camp-Week 2-2021
This camp runs from Sunday afternoon to Friday evening.
6/13/2021 - 6/18/2021
Ages 12 - 14
Price Depends on Tier Selection
This session has openings for males and females. Registration will end on 6/5/2021.
Tiered Pricing
Resident Camp A Tier 1
Supporter cost
+ $723.00
Resident Camp A Tier 2
True Cost
+ $625.00
Resident Camp A Tier 3
Subsidized cost
+ $495.00
Bring a Buddy Discount
Returning campers bringing a new camper (someone who did not attend Westview last summer) will receive a $75.00 discount off the final balance due. The new camper will also receive a $75 discount. ($75 maximum amount of discounts per camper) The deadline to use this discount is May 1st.
Employee Discount
Employee and Board members
Sibling Discount
Each sibling after the first get a $50.00 discount. Mini Campers will receive a $25.00 discount. ($75 maximum amount of discounts to per)