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Buddy Request
Camp is about the experiences and enjoying those experiences with friends both new and old. If your Camper has friends that are also coming to camp the same week, you are welcome to make a request for them to be together. We assign all campers to Hogans and Day Groups based on age. Hogans Buddies will be able to spend meal times, rest times, evening activities and nights together. Day Group Buddies will spend meal time, daily activities, and night activities together. In order to provide a balanced group of campers and optimize the camp experience for everyone, NO More than three (3) Day Group or Hogan Buddies will be placed together. Buddies must both request each other in order for them to be placed together. We do our best to place campers with their requested Buddies, however, due to the high volume of request, we cannot guarantee that your camper's Hogan Buddies will also be their Day Group Buddies.
Camp Publicity
Westview will be photographing campers during the camp week. These pictures may be used for camp advertising and camp reports or other Westview related ministries. These may include printed materials, videos web-site and CD's.
Early Pick-up
For planned early pick-ups of campers during a camp session (sporting event, medical appointment, etc.)
High Adventure Sign-Up
For 12-14yr old Resident Camper
Let us know if you have any allergies, food restrictions or would like a vegetarian option.