2024 Summer Ministry Team Returnee Application
This expediated application is for anyone who applied, was hired, and completed their arranged ministry term in the previous summer season. If this is your first time and/or you were not serving on SMT last summer, please complete the standard application.

Make sure that you have the list below so that you do not have to restart later:

-Parent/guardian to sign waivers if you are a minor
-Social Security Number (used for background checks for adult applicants)
-Work and education history (like start and end dates)
-Contacts to use as references
-Medical information, including primary care physician, insurance information, and any medications you take (including over-the-counter as all meds must be checked-in for safety requirements)

Please expect to take 20-40 minutes to apply. Here are the steps you will be completing:

Confirm Attendee Info
Confirm Primary Contact (Parent/Guardian) Info if different
Membership (Home Church)
Alternate Emergency Contact
SMT Personal Questions
Skills and Certifications
Work Eligibility
Background Check Information
Work History
Education History
References (3)
Food Allergies
Medical Form
Waivers & Releases

Keep clicking continue/next at the bottom of each page until you complete all of the steps and receive a confirmation message.
5/22/2024 3:00 PM - 8/5/2024 11:00 AM
Ages 15 - 99
Just the time it takes to apply
This session has openings
Registration will end on 8/4/2024.