Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Q:Can campers have visitors?
A:For security reasons we do not allow campers to have visitors during camp. If you have something that needs to be delivered to your camper please contact the camp office, they will arrange a time and location to meet you on the camp property that will not interfere with the campers.

Q:Can I call my camper or can my camper call home?
A:Because of the logistics of the camp schedule we do not allow our campers to call home. We ask that family and friends of our campers not attempt to contact their camper through our paid or volunteer staff- they do not have the authority to release information about or pass along information to the campers. Our staff has been instructed not to allow campers to use their phones. All requests to contact campers should go through our camp office.

In case of an emergency, please contact us through this email address, . You may also leave a message on the office voicemail but because of the nature of camp, email is the quickest way to be in contact with us during the camp week.

If your camper has an emergency and needs to contact home we will contact you at the phone number listed in their ultracamp account. Please ensure that your contact information is accurate.

Q:Can you have the camp photographer take more photos of my child? Why isn’t my camper in more pictures?
A:We offer camp photos as a service to our campers, to capture memories from the week and free campers from the need to carry a camera. Our desire is to capture photos of all of the events of the week, but we can not capture photos of every camper doing every activity. We cannot accept requests for photos of specific campers.

Also, we honor our campers decision to opt out of photos. For more information on our camp photos please visit and enter the code you were given at registration.

Q:What do I need to do with the medicine that my camper takes?
A:All medications need to be checked in with the nurse during camper check in. Please place all medications in a gallon sized ziplock back, in their original packaging. All medications and the bag should be labeled with the campers name.

Q:What forms of payment do you accept?
A:We accept payment by credit card, or electronic check. All camp registration payments should be made through our camp registration website.

Q:What time does check in start? When do I drop off and pick up my camper? Where is check in?
A:Check in begins at 3:00 pm on the first day of camp.
Pick up begins at 11:00 AM on the last day of camp.

For the safety of our campers, on Fridays we do not allow vehicles through the property until all campers are dismissed from closing chapel and are in their housing units for pick up. Please do not arrive early at the camp as you will have to wait in your vehicle on Happy Hill Acres Rd.

If you are arriving more than 30 minutes after check in or pick up times, please contact the office for assistance.

UltraCamp Question

Q:How do I add Laser Tag to my campers registration?
A:Log in to your Ultracamp account. Scroll down and select the reservation to which you would like to add Laser Tag. Beside the word "Options" select "Edit." Enter the number of times that your camper would like to play laser tag. Confirm the changes and checkout using our secure check out

Q:How do I add money to my camper's canteen card / store deposit?
A:Log in to your Ultracamp account. Scroll down and select the reservation to which you would like to add canteen money. Beside the words "Store Deposit" click "Edit." Enter the deposit amount and click "Add Store Deposit." Confirm the changes and check out with our secure checkout.

What to bring?

Q:What bedding should I bring?
A:All of our camper beds are single beds. You should bring sheets and a blanket or a sleeping bag, as well as a pillow.

Q:What do I need to pack for my camper?
A:BRING: Bible, appropriate clothes, bedding, towels, washcloths, toiletries, notebook, pencil, modest swimsuit, light jacket, and shoes you can play in.

Please see the camp information page to read our camp dress code.

DO NOT BRING: Computers, Cell phones, iPads, tablets, iPods, mp3 players, handheld gaming devices or other electronic devices, magazines, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs, fireworks, or clothing with inappropriate advertising or language.

Please pack all medications in a gallon sized zip lock bag in order to turn them into the nurse at registration. Medications should be kept in their original packaging. All medications will be dispensed by the nurse.