Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:Covid-19 Protocols
A:Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake will be following all protocols issued by the CDC, the State of Michigan, and the American Camp Association. Campers will be grouped in small age appropriate cohorts (pods) of 10 campers or fewer with the same counselors, using only dedicated equipment. Outdoor programming will be pod based and intentionally spread out with a dedicated indoor space for each pod for inclement weather. Meals will be outside as much as possible. Multiple non pharmaceutical interventions (NPI’s) will include enhanced cleaning protocols and daily health screenings.

General FAQ's

Q:How do you accommodate campers with food allergies/intolerances/sensitivities?
A:We are a nut-restricted camp all summer. But for campers that need to avoid any of the other top eight food allergens, we can meet their needs at our Free to Be Camps.

Q:Tell me more about the Camp Store.
A:Each day, all campers visit the Camp Store. This is an important chance for each child to exercise decision-making skills on their own (we do have their counselors and other responsible adults present to help) and to also help the camp community as well as the international community. Every purchase from the store benefits the Campership Fund, and we also offer many fair trade items which ensure that the artisan is fairly paid. This is all explained to the campers before their first visit on Monday. There are also healthy snacks: juice, water in reusable Camp Westminster water bottles, granola bars, fruit snacks, etc.

Q:What is the daily schedule like for a camper?
A:Fun, hilarious, serious, fun, wet, crazy, contemplative, creative, fun and active…and did we say fun? It is a sincere hope of the staff that each and every camper enjoys their time at camp. And while not everyone will prefer every activity, part of the experience is trying new things out! Each day’s schedule includes yummy meals shared family style, capers (chores) after breakfast, Bible Quest time, activity periods throughout the morning and afternoon, FOB (rest time after lunch), camp store time, all camp swim at 4:30, evening vespers (worship) after dinner and a large group evening activity before lights out!

Q:Which activities will my camper participate in at Camp Westminster this summer?
A:Each day will present new opportunities. Generally, we try to offer a variety of activities throughout the week. This allows exposure to new experiences and makes the traditional camp aspect of Camp Westminster all the more rich. Each camper will choose activities to focus on for the week, hopefully gaining some knowledge and expertise in those activities. Then, the camper can return next year, ready to pursue that activity further or choose a new one!

Q:When can a camper climb the Lighthouse Climb or take on the challenge of the High Ropes Course?
A:The Lighthouse Climb is open to campers 10 years and older. The High Ropes Course is used for groups age 12 and older. This is for safety reasons, as well as the maturity needed to make decisions and handle the challenge. (There are exceptions to this rule: Family Camp and Visitor’s Sunday, when parents/guardians are present for younger participants.) But don’t worry if a camper doesn’t have the opportunity to climb this year; there is plenty of time to return to CW and try something new!

Q:How does a camper receive mail?
A:Snail mail is discretely handed out during FOB time (rest hour) after lunch. This gives each person some downtime to read and reflect before tackling the rest of the day’s activities. We mention “discretely” because not everyone receives the same amount of mail each day. Send mail to the summer camp address: 116 Westminster Dr., Roscommon, MI, 48653.